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sphynx kitten has heart murmur..

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not the update I needed to hear from my vet today. The little guy that we brought home last friday has a heart murmur. At first I took him to the vet because he was weezing and a bit sneezy. He was put on anti-biotics for 10 days and to be re examined today. The weezing never went away. He only weezes when he is active, something as simple as jumping on to the couch and walking over to me gets him breathing heavy, sneezing and coughing. He doesn't weeze wheh he is purring or resting. also, there is mucous in his nose and his eyes look swollen. I was told to clean them everyday and I have been but they aren't improving. I called the breeder today to let her know the situation and she was very shocked about it. She told me I could exchange him for another kitten but after 6 days I'm already attached to him and would feel as if I am abandoning him. I feel sooo terrible. My vet told me he needs to have a scan done to determine the severity of the situation. My breeder told me he is too young to be properly assesed and that I should wait till he is six months old. She said she would pay for the scan if it read that he had cardiomyopathy. My vet is contacting her vet tomorrow to discuss the kittens condition. I know that heart murmurs are not always serious but my vet seemed very concerned about him. 2 other vets were there looking at him too out of curiosity for the breed. they all listened to his heart and all seemed concerned. Then the vet tells me what can happen in a worse case scenario and I just broke down and balled my eyes out!! I feel so bad for the poor little guy.
I wish they had noticed this problem before I brought him home. If the prognosis is really bad and the cost of medication is extensive than I will have to return him but if it is managable than I will keep him. I can't turn my back on him. what a rotten situation this is. Can anyone give me any information on this diagnosis? Has anyone experience this with their baby. I really need all the support I can get right now
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I'm so sorry. I sure understand how you can get attached to him in just a week. I do hope all turns out ok for your new little guy. What about the cold like symptoms? That must be something different causing that? then the heart mumur? Keeping my fingers crossed for you that all turns out ok.
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thank you for the kind words Gardenandcats, I just read through the previous posts and links about cardiomyopathy, I am praying that the wet sneezy sounds is not fluid in his lungs caused by heart disease. At the moment I truly feel hopeless about his situation.
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I am sorry the breeder didn't notice this problem before you brought him home. That is aweful. I think it is great you want to keep him and take care of him, if it was a kitten I had bred, I would have refunded all your money, or atleast half of it, if some one is willing to care for my kitten and provide the medical attention a special needs kitten has, then I figure that is more important the the money for him, concidering the medical expenses for this little guy even if it isn't severe, it's already been expensive I wouldn't feel right keeping the adoption fee for him, knowing that he could need medical attention for his life, you will be paying enough. I hope this breeder will do some thing like this, I know I would be happy just knowing that some one loves him and is willing to take him on even with complications. You are terrific, I hope he out grows it, I have heard that can happen, but I have never experienced any heart murmurs, so I can't give you any help, just sympathy. Good luck, I hope some one has some knowledge they can share with you
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Have you called the breeder...????
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Aw the poor little guy...I am so sorry for him and you to be going through this. Hopefully he recovers quickly as I'm sure you would be heartbroken to let him go like this and just pick another kitten.

I really have no advice for you, but I commend you for not giving up on him and just "trading him in". You are a blessing to him I'm sure
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Oh this is sad news. I truly hope it is something he can grow out of. I believe there are some folks here with some experience with this so I'm hoping one of them will arrive soon to give you some guidance.
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thank you all for the kind words and support. I did talk to the breeder and she seemed a bit defensive towards her vet and ?ing mine. I made it clear to her that I was not attacking her ethics or accusing her of anything, I just wanted her advice and what options I have with the situation. She will not refund the kitten, or discount the $1500 I spent on him. She would pay for the testing ($700) if it comes up positive and one years medication if I decide to keep him. I have read that cardiomyopathy can be managed but also can cause death rather quickly. I don't think I should pay a cent for the cat if that is his prognosis because I will be dealing with alot of emotional distress and that is more horrible than any vet bill. I'm anxious to see what my vet has to say tomorrow after conversing with her vet. AAARRRGGGG, this really sucks!!! I just want him to magically overcome this ailment and be a healthy happy kitty for many years to come.
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A HUGE and a caution the breeder shouldnt act that way... I am sure some of the great breeders here will have advice ...
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How old is your kitten? I know that some of my rex kittens had heart murmers around 3-4 months old but when they were spayed/neutered 6-8 months, they didn't have them.

Its common in certain types (oriental especially) and most outgrow the heart murmers.

Hope you little kitten is one of those.
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Oh, poor little guy! I hope he will outgrow this and also adore you for not taking him back and turning your back on him. This is my fav breed of cats, I always wished to have one- but they are so expencive. I am surprised by the way this breeder acts. At least she should refund you all the money if you'll promice her to keep this sick little guy no matter what.
And trust me I know how you feel. When we see our little furry friend happy and wealthy, and then sick all of a sudden, we just can not stop but wish for them to some how magicly go back to that "happy wealthy" stage again... my prayers are with you and your little guy!
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I'm not an expert on heart murmurs but I'd say try not to panic at this stage. Heart murmurs are very common in kittens and quite often they don't indicate any underlying disease and the cats grow out of them. I actually did some research a few years back when a couple of friends had kittens diagnosed with a heart murmur and read somewhere that about 50% of kittens had heart murmurs. Did the vet indicate what stage heart murmur it was? They grade them from 1 to 5 or 6 (over here at least) with 5/6 being the severest. Mild murmurs don't always mean that your cat has heart disease or will go on to develop it. Did the vet imply the symptoms your cat has could be related to the heart murmur? I was told one of my cats had a grade 2 murmur a few years ago but he never developed any problem as a result of it (he died last year but nothing to do with the murmur). I wouldn't blame the breeder's vet - some pick them up and some don't. I think sometimes the more experienced vets just know they're not always significant. The year after I was told my cat had a murmur I took him for his annual check up/vaccinations and the vet (different one) said nothing about his heart murmur. I asked and the vet just said "oh yes, he does have a slight murmur but it's nothing to worry about". A work colleague had lots of tests on her kitten when a murmur was diagnosed 4 years ago and it turned out there was no evidence of any heart disease. Not sure if the cat still has the murmur but she's in great health and not showing any signs of ill health. Discuss with your vet whether further tests are necessary (it may be enough to just keep an eye on him for any signs of illness but tests might give you peace of mind). Above all try not to worry too much (easier said than done I know) - just because your cat has a heart murmur it doesn't mean he's ill or going to get ill any time soon.

edit - I've just found this site. I've not read beyond the first page but it might be helpful.
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My cat has a heart murmur, and my family's cat (who is now 15) has always had one also. They've never had a problem. As I understand it, they are pretty common and often are something that never affects the cat.

With yours it will probably take clearing up the respiratory infection (sneezing and mucus would not be caused by a murmur) to determine if the wheezing and coughing are because of that or are symptoms of a heart condition. Good luck. Hopefully it's the former.
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thanks to everyone for your comments and support.

A little more information to answer some kitten is 4 months old and already fixed. I know that heart murmurs are not always cause for concern but my vets concern is what scared me. Plus the constant heavy breathing that has NOT improved with anti biotics makes me think there is something more serious the RI. I spoke to my vet today and she has been trying to contact the breeders vet and vice versa. My vet classifies the murmur between 2-3 and explained to me that the technician that performs the scan believed that her (my vets) findings upon examination there will be problems found. How they can come to that conclusion without testing I don't know but I have two out $700 that may not be refunded if it is infact a mild murmur with RI combined appearing to be something worse than it is upon examination...or return the kitty and allow the breeder to deal with this problem. I spoke with the breeder today and we have decided to return the kitty (the breeder suggested that would be the best thing to do at this point). I trust that her experience with this breed will provide excellent care for him. She offered to refund me the cost of the kitten plus what I have spent at the vet. I refused both. I have no problem paying for the check up because I would do this regardless to make sure everything is ok...and I don't consider an RI brought on by stress to be her responsibility. It is a minor ailment as far as I know. Flipping the bill to make sure there is nothing worse going on due to his symptoms is something that I don't feel I should be responsible for that is why I will leave it up to her to figure out. If he comes out of this being ok than I will gladly take him back instead of picking another kitten. Right now he is less active than before but still somewhat active and eating. His wheezing is still loud and he is sounding flegmy. I pray that he is just dealing with a couple of minor problems as opposed to one BIG one. I have spoken with the breeder twice since the first time and it has been good. I feel she truly loves her cats and I think her initial defensiveness probably had alot to do with customers that may have jumped the gun with minor problems and expected her to pay. I hope everything works out for this little guy more than anything. I'll keep you all posted on what happens..thanks again for all the support
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Blueyes, I am so glad that you came up to a desicion, and that you and breder are finally on the same page. lets just hope now that there is nothing terribly wrong with this little one! Please, keep us updated!
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Good luck with this, I hope all turns out well, in what ever happens. So will you be getting a different kitten if the one you had does have major issues? or not getting one at all? I hope it turns into nothing more then a small URI and a murmur that will be out grown and you are able to get him back. I am glad the breeder is being more responsible for this kitten, it sounds like she was just surprised about it happening, and like you said being defensive because other costomers have jump the gun and get accusing her of things. I know I would be on the defense too, but after it all sunk in, I would do the right thing and work this out with the new owner. I wish your little kitten and you luck and every thing works out.
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thanks Celestialrags and lovethatcat, I will not keep the kitten if he is diagnosed with health problems. My hubby feels very strongly that we should not settle for a kitten that arrives in less than perfect condition. I have more of a bleeding heart but at the same time will not pay full price for a sick animal. I don't think there will be any remuneration for him if he is sick so I will have to let him go in that case. I trust she will provide good care for him, that I am not worried about.

We went to her home last Saturday and her home is very clean and large. the cats have free roam of the house and there are all sorts of perches and cat furniture available for them to use. The nursery was impeccable. there were about 10 babies with cat trees to play on and a clean environment. we spent 2 hours at her home and learned much about the breed and breeding, through talking to her. I felt our new kitten could not be in better hands. So now we wait to hear what her vet has to say. I'm praying for the little guy, I hope he can come home to us at the end of all of this.
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Hoping this all works out for you and your new kitty! He sound like such a sweet baby! You and the kitty are in my prayers and thoughts...PLEASE KEEP US POSTED!!!!
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