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Remember my concern???

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About one of the kittens being "crippled"?
Here are pictures of the black one (which seems to be wanting and TRYING to walk around) and the white one (which seems to want to swim)

Sorry for the pictures if they are hard to see, I had to take them quick because mommy was getting nervous.

Now keep in mind that they won't be 3 weeks until this coming Wed (6-07).

With the way the white one seems to be carrying herself, am I just a worrier? lol

Btw, they opened their eyes a few days ago and it melts my heart when they look up at me and try to see me out! Can't wait until they start showing their personality!
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Is it keeping it's legs straight out behind it? My kittens are 1 week and 3 days and move around real low to the ground naturally, but they do use their back legs. I've never had baby kittens before so I don't know if that is normal or abnormal to be honest. Sorry I'm not much help.
I hope your kitten starts moving its legs real soon. I would hate for it to be crippled.

It is cute that when they open their eyes. Mine did that yesterday. Today they are opening them even wider. So cute!
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It's not the one that has it's legs behind or in front....its the one that has them out to the side that worries me. To me, the one that looks like it is pulling itself (the mostly black one) is normal. The one that puts its arms/legs straight out to the side like its swimming (the mostly white one) is what I'm wondering about.

I'm having a BLAST with these kittens, I'm wondering why I didn't become a grandma before
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I wouldn't worry about it yet .Thinking back, I think I had several who opted for front legs out to the sides rather than in front. She may be turning herself around quicker than the others . Three weeks is still kinda young to be expecting alot of coordination, but you could always ask your vet if she starts getting behind.
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Does the kitten move in a straight line or in circles? Does it seem to be able to get where it's "aiming?"
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I know this is easier said then done but don't worry. I have a kitten, Bubbles, who was born with his back legs stuck out. When it came time for walking, he looked like he was paddeling. We teased about it his cause his back toes pointed staright out. He's now almost 3 months old and his toes are now pointing almost striahgt to his nose. It's a ligament problem that should right itself as they get strength back there. I know it's hard to watch as the others run and play and the little one is left behind. Bubbles is now utterly spoiled cause I'd love on him while his sibs played. To see him now, you wouldn't know he had paddles for back legs/feet. Only advice I can give and it worked for him, give them somthing they can dig into. I used a rug in place of the tile he was always on and the rug gave him added traction. The first time he got up and actually "ran" I cried. Now, nothing keeps him back. LOL
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Originally Posted by kluchetta
Does the kitten move in a straight line or in circles? Does it seem to be able to get where it's "aiming?"
She seems to aim right towards her mother and makes it there, no problems
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Maybe I AM just a little TOO worried

When my sisters Husky had pups, I ended up taking one to the vet because of it's back legs. They suggested we put her (the pup) down and I STILL haven't forgiven myself for allowing that (it was 8 years ago!). Now when I think about it (even though surgery WAS expensive) there would have been SOMEONE to take care of it and give it the life it deserved. Pretty sad actually, especially when you see the video of that dog with NO front legs and he's having the time of his life!
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Since the kitten gets where it's going, I think it's a musculature problem, hopefully just immaturity. It doesn't seem neurological to me, if the kitten can get where it wants. Maybe it's a bit big for its age, and its legs need to get a little stronger?
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As it was explained to me, the ligaments in the hips are loose and that's why the legs/feet have the paddle shape to them. As the ligaments get stronger, they will start to pull up to where they are supposed to be. The kitten may never have normal feet, they may still point off somewhere but not nearly as bad as they do now. I know with Bubbles, I flipped out and rushed him to the vet worried he'd need special care. He's perfectly fine now even with his toes pointing in the wrong direction. Your kitten will, just like Bubbles has, make adjustments as it grows up and compensate for the odd leg/foot length.
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