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Litter problems...

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I have a problem with my cat pooping on the floor, not far from the box. I've done alot of reading, been to the vets, tried just about everything and still no luck.

I know she's a picky cat, but this is getting ridiculious. I clean often and full litter change once a week, with cleaning the box as well. I use clumping liter which seems to be her favourtie and scoop everytime i see her use it. If I'm lucky she'll poop in it twice after a fresh clean out and then it's on the floor again.

I've just read the forum here and I'm going to try a bigger box (tried 2 boxes in the past and she wasn't interested) this time and another box in a different room and see what happens.

If anyone else has had similar experiences, please help!

Dallas and I thank you.
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My male cat Spike will do that every now and again, but it is usually cause one of my other cats has gone and not covered it. He also does it right next to the box. I'm not sure what you can do to stop it. Have you tried spraying something on the spot that he is going? Maybe he can smell that he's gone there before so he thinks it is okay to do it again? Sorry that was probably no help at all, but I do sympathize with you.

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I am assuming that the boxes are uncovered. If you are using covered boxes, get rid of the lid and that should help.

Also, some cats like really huge litter boxes. I use a big plastic storage container (like the under-bed rubbermaid storage containers) for my cats. They are cheaper than traditional litter boxes and big enough to make the cats happy.
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