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New Kittens and ear mites

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I have a 11 week old kitten that I got from a kitten rescue non-profit group about 2 weeks ago. She already was dewormed, spayed and had 2 sets of shots. I brought her in to the vet yesterday for an examination and she has ear mites. The vet gave her Milbemite drops and said that it was a one time treatment that should work just fine.

Today, I've had some to research ear mites and have some questions:

1) should I schedule a follow up with a technician to retest and ensure the ear mites are gone in a couple of weeks?

2) should I have her ears flushed once the ear mites have been eradicated?

3) Can the ear mites also get in my carpet, bedding, her kitty condo, etc....? If so, how long can they live without a host?

4) I had planned on getting another kitten (8 weeks old) this weekend but when I called my vet (after doing some reading today) and spoke to the technician she recommended I wait 2 weeks (after a retest) or I will have to keep them separated. The vet didn't mention this yesterday! Is this correct?

Sorry for all of the questions but I want to make sure my new babies are safe and healthy.

Thank you in advance for you help.
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Yes please keep them seperate or you will be infested....Ear Mites are a pain... Please wait the 2 weeks and get retested then go from there...
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1- If the earmites return you will see black dirt in the ear canal. If the ears remain clean then the mites are gone.

2- No need so long as ear canal is clean.

3- No. Mites go only from cat to cat (or cat to dog).

4 - that's up to you. Worst case ias that the new kitten gets mites and you treat that kitten.
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I think Revolution works for ear mites too, no?
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Thanks for such quick responses.

I may schedule a follow up check with a technician just to be on the safe side and make sure the mites are gone. If an ear flush isn't necessary that's great news as I'm sure it's not a very comfortable procedure.

I'm very glad to hear the mites can't live on the carpet, etc...

I thought about taking the chance and getting the other kitty now, but I would hate to be responsible for my new little one getting such a irritating parasite. She's at a private home with her mom and brother so she's a happy camper!

So glad I found this forum - this is a great site!
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