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Does anyone have any experience with honeysuckle toys? My cat doesn't respond to catnip, and I've read that honeysuckle can serve as a substitute. Do any of you have anti-catnip cats who flip out for something else? Many thanks!
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My cat lacks the "catnip gene". She likes honeysuckle but it isn't like a happiness drug to her. just nice. She also like Honey Dust, an edible dusting powder made by Kamasutra because it has honeysuckle in it. Honeysuckle, cornstarch and sugar. It's a great product for you, your loved one, and your cat. (wink)
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I've been wondering the same thing, so I'll be interested to see what others say.

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I've written several faqs you might find interesting - one on catnip, one on valerian, one on honeysuckle.

Cats who are not catnip responders may respond to honeysuckle, and those that respond to neither, may respond to valerian.

My crew responds to all 3
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One of my cats love her honeysuckle stuffed toy. It doesn't affect her like cat nip does cats. But she seems drawnt to it and plays with it alot.
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While both of mine are 'nip responders, they also LOVE their honeysuckle toys! Trent especially is a big honeysuckle afficionado.
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