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leaving pets while on vacation

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I will be leaving our 2 cats and dog at home for 2 1/2 weeks while we are on vacation and will be paying a neighbor who likes animals to feed/clean litter etc.

The concern is my rescue dog -- she won't let anyone touch her if I'm not around. While she plays with the cats, she is very attached to me. I am out of the house 10 hours a day at work but she follows me around when I am home. I am worried that she'll be miserable when I'm gone (can I admit, I don't want to leave??). How should I prepare her for this -- should I gradually give her less attention so she's not shocked when I disappear?
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My suggestion would be to have your neighbour come over and try and bond with the dog before you leave. That's what I've always done.
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I think dogs can get seperation anxiety...try to get the dog used to the petsitter.
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I would personally board the dog, I'd have no problem leaving the cats with someone coming over once a day to check on them, but no way would I leave my dogs like for 2 1/2 weeks, a day or two maybe, but not for that length of time... if someone were staying at your house, that'd be a little different too, but my dogs would get too lonely and most likely destructive even though they've never done any damage any other time
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I absolutely second this....Its not fair to leave a dog for that length of time with only a check-in.
My first choice is to have someone stay at your place..A student or young neighbour/family friend/cousin...anyone really that you trust.

Or there are pet sitting services that will stay at your house but it obviously costs more.

Then if that wasn't possible, I would board her at a canine spa or doggy daycare where they exercise them regularly, groom them, etc..

I wouldn't leave a dog alone overnights and most of the day for 2 and a half weeks.
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