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Well, when she got out that first time, she didnt get preg, we were suprised got to watching her better. she went into heat again, and while i was at work, ripped my window screen out and got out again. i thought i was safe, just had replaced all the screens, so none had holes. she actually had to push the window open far enough to get her claws near the screen, how she did it i will never know. she came home 24 hours later( after i spent the night searching) She showed up on my porch with 2 males,,,BIG maine coons. The minute i saw her i grabbed her and the toms hissed and spit at me and tried to swipe me! i got the squirt bottle and squirted them, and they took off.

That was about 4 weeks ago. since, Ice has gotten sick the 2 times i offered her wet food , but does perfectly fine with dry. i called the vet, and explained, and she said that she is prob pregnant. she said i can bring her in to confirm, but isnt needed.

I do have homes for any kittens that come out of this, and she will be spayed as soon as its ok to after the kittens. Prue will be spayed in two weeks ( it was as soon as i could get into the low cost clinic). Just wanted to give a update.

just a question on the "morning" sickness. is it common? it only happened when i tried to feed her her fave wet food. most the time she gobbles it up. this time she did, but got sick after. I have her now on a dry kitten food ( Nutro Complete Kitten). is their anything else i should do for her?

P.S Just wanted to add that at the begining of fall/end of summer, i will be moving into a huge house, so the cats will have their own room for when i am not at home, with a reinforced screen,lol
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Congrats on getting them set up to be spayed. Morning sickness happens sometimes. Just give her as much food as she'll eat. Now that she is pregnant, she should not try so hard to escape. Where'd the two males come from? I recall saying that there were no cats around where you lived in a previous post...
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WOW poor Isis well MS iS AWFUL Skittles had it but she was ok and the babies are all fine also....
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yes, i did say before there was no cats, and i havent seen them since either, its like they just appreared out of nowhere. could be that the appt complex next door had new poeple in it, cause i never saw the cats before then. i have seen a gray and white tux male, and he is sooooo sweet! he sees you sittin on the porch and climbs up into your lap and just purrs away! man i wish he got ice, if i had to pick,lol.
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LOL but more then likely it is the maine coons right....
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im thinking so. they seemed so feral and violent!!! it was weird to see them just act like Ice was one of them. they were beautiful tho! either way, i think i "might" keep one, havent decided, but if i do, it will get nipped or tucked,lol
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Skittles men where like that also... I think it was because she was in heat... I plan to get her done also ASAP... I do not want another litter to raise... And she had 13 I dont want her to have to go thru that again... I also made a promise to her...
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How often was she going into heat before? has she popped out at all (that may not come for another week). When did she get out (just asking since my cat is about 5 weeks along (I think but nothing "solid" yet but she does look like she is starting to show for me. LOL).

On morning sickness I read just to feed smaller meals. alot of it is because things start getting cramped in thee where the cat wasn't used to it. So maybe give her the canned food a couple times a day in smaller portions? that may help. Hopefully it won't last long!

GL with your "baby". I would love to see some before and after pictures because she looks like mine and "thin" before.........
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she was going into heat every 2 weeks or so, then she went like 3 weeks which would bring it to the first week of may when she got out her second time. she hasent really "popped" yet, just a tad fuller/firmer in the tummy, nipples are more noticeable, but not huge. she is way more loving tho. even in the 99 degree heat, she wanted to sleep on ME,lol.

As for the meals, she is free feeding, as she was before. i still let Prue eat the kitten food too, but will prob wean both off it when the kittens are weaned to solid food.

I'll take soe pics tonight, and see if i can get them posted by tonight or early am do you have any pics of your Angel? i'd like to see them as well!
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I will find the links to my million threads with her pictures. LOL you can't really tell in the pictures. I have noticed the past 2 days there seems to be a "line" starting to show the roundness so thinking in the next week or so she will be "showing" that others can see. Angel also just seems "thicker" and her nipples got a little pink and a bit bigger but this week that got ALOT fatter than they were.

let me find those links. If she is standing and I look straight down on her you can't really even tell..... LOL

here are a few (scroll down)

And a few more (scroll way down and there are some there). The other fat kitty in there is Amy's Nina.

Angel got out April 25th and came home May 1st so they will be close. She had just had her first spring heat so the ones before that were spaced out from the winter. normally in the spring/summer she goes into heat every 2-3 weeks and it will be 6 weeks this weekend since she started her last heat........
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looks like Ice does now,lol. i got some pics, will post as soon as i can get them to photobucket Angel is adorable!!!!!!
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Now we are combaring pregnant fur bellys LOL,,,,
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Jenny---- LOL just don't put skittles up or we will feel "inferior" LMAO! That girl was just HUGE!

Liza--- thanks for the compliments on Angel. She is my oldest and middle daughters cat. She used to drive me NUTS, but has gotten so much calmer since becoming preg. that I like her now. LOL don't get me wrong I have always loved her and was a MESS when she was gone for 6 days (first time) but man some days........... heheee I actually brought her to the vets last Fri and that vet couldn't really tell. She said there could only be 1 or 2 in there but she wasn't sure........
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Ok I had to do it

Skittle had to post this...
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LOL well now you just made Angel look Anorexic! LMAO!
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LOL I had to post it LOL sorry it was killing me not to LOL...
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