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Kittens with Fleas

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We are at our wits end.

We have Pandora and Pearl.

Pearl's date of birth: March 21st of this year
Pandora: Feb 21st of this year.

We've used the spot stuff that is good for cats and kittens under 5 lbs (the others state not to use them on kittens under 6 months). Flea bath. Flea spray.

Yet nothing has worked.

I am going to have to give Pearl another bath tonight. (which neither of us will enjoy).

And Pandy also.

But they keep coming. It's hard to bomb the house cause you have to take everyone out of the house for several hours and...well.

Does anyone have any ideas on what to do? (((I don't know if this is the appropriate forum to use for this)))
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Are you using Frontline or Advantage? Or commercial stuff?

I only use Frontline or Advantage for my animals. IMO commercial flea products don't work and some are dangerous for your cats.
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I use Frontline and haven't had a flea in years. Someone told me that after you have applied the Frontline you should sprinkle Borax (laundry soap) on your carpets and sweep it down into the carpet. Leave it overnight and then vacuum it up in the morning. It is suppossed to kill the eggs. It is also safe for cats and kids.
They say the bombs only kill fleas on the surface and don't get down into the carpet fibers where the eggs are.
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besides the flea shampoos, Dawn dish soap( regular) works just as well, if not better!!!. use it the same way, wet the cat, soap her up, and let it sit for 2-5 minutes, then rinse. i do it 2x, and it works!!! i was told to do this when i brought Prue home( by the VET), because she was so tiny and sick.

Also, with not having the time to bomb, can you use the carpet flea powder? It works well, and only takes a few minutes. You sprinke it on your carpet/rugs and couch, whatever. let sit for 30 minutes, then vacume it up. its safe to use around kids and pets, you can get it at any pet store or Wal-Mart. you can Pm me to with any questions
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Two things that have mentioned here works. Borax is great, also good for other household needs.

Dawn does work! Not only has it been something I have been raised on washing my animals with, it was something I used at the pet store I worked for(by far my fave job so far).

Frontline also works as well, my parents use it on our family dog.
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Do not use over-the-counter flea medications on your cats, esp not on a kitten. It can be fatal. They are not safe at all. If you have used them, wash them off as soon as you possibly can with the mildest soap you have in the house (dish soap would be fine too). The longer the stuff is on your cat, the more damage it could do.
There are prescription flea medications that work better, are safer, and are approved on kittens, although that young you may have to treat the area as well as you can and keep flea-combing and bathing (not in flea shampoo!!) the kittens.
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I gave Pearl and Pandora a bath in Dawn dish soap. Pandora hardly had any fleas....Pearl was covered. Those that did not come off in the bath, I picked off with a pair of fine tipped tweezers...as the brush wasn't working.

those I pulled off I then squished with the tweezers cause they started to twitch.

Now, not only are they flea free (we are also washing our bed and we flipped the mattress over), but their coats are gorgeous, Pearl is purer white than I've seen her ever.

Ohhh she's licking my leg...lol. That tickles.

Thanks for all the advice, we are probably moving in a couple weeks so I'll give them another dishsoap bath before we go and we should be good huh?
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I used the borox when I first moved in to my house and there is no fleas and Skittles is on frontline and I am glad to say we are flea free...
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glad everything went well. a second wash before you move wont hurt either . dawn is safe to use anytime you see a flea, and wont hurt the cats skin, so its safe to use anytime, Good Luck!
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Glad you foud a way!

I had the same prob, on 3 day old kittens, and asked the vet while they were there for a check up what he suggested I do for the fleas on the kittens and momma. He said that he had to make the choice between kittens dying from having too many fleas and loosing too much blood or taking a shot with Advantage, he tried Advantage, only 2-3 drops per kitten, and no kitten he has ever done this to ever got sick of died from it.

I took my babied home, out 2 drops of it on them, and a tube on momma, and they did just fine, no fleas at all now! Of course it is a monthly treatment though.
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