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Feedback on this food please - complementary or complete?

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Since there are so many knowledgeable people on here I'm hoping someone can help me out re this food


I've recently discovered it and tried a couple of flavours of the wet food on one of my cats and he loved them. The main issue is that it says on the tins it is a complete food. However, the ingredients list doesn't show any added vitamins or minerals. I was under the impression that cooking destroyed most nutrients which is why they are added back in to complete foods. I emailed the company about this and got the following reply

To clarify the labelling to you Almo Nature cat tins are a complete food and contain natural vitamins and minerals, yes some are lost by the cooking process but we use the cooking broth as the preservative so anything lost to the cooking water is still retained. Our cooking process is also more gentle than most of our competitors to try and avoid any unnecessary product degradation.

As with humans though, we always recommend feeding a balanced diet to ensure the correct vitamin and mineral intake, as there are higher levels of natural taurine in beef and fish. We do not add any artificial additives because in some cases it is the additives which can cause some allergies etc in our pets.
I'm not sure what to make of that - can someone with more knowledge of nutrition than myself tell me if that makes sense? If you click on the view products link on the site it does list the calories, taurine, phosphorous and calcium content of each food, but I don't know what the recommended amounts of these things are.

I don't want to stop feeding this to my cat but if it's not complete I'm going to have to be careful about how often he has it (not that he'd be having it every day anyway as it's expensive). He does have a small amount of complete dry food each day too but I'm not sure that's enough to give him all the nutrients he needs.
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It looks good to me ... but I am in the states so I would run it by your vet as I am unsure if complete in the UK = complete here
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Complete here means it contains everything your cat needs. But most complete foods do have added vitamins etc. The company that makes this food is based in Italy - not sure what it means in Italy!
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I heard about this food. It had some excellent reviews.

17.28mg/100g taurine is plenty enough.

What concerns me is the folic acid, but then most cat foods don't have enough folic acid. I give my cats bamboo leaves from my neighbor's garden to supplement them.
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