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morning sickness

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i have a few quesions so here is and update for those of you who dont know: Kitty has 6 weeks old babies and she got out about 2 weeks ago on May 20 while she was in heat and she came back out of heat so we are suspecting the worse... pregnancy. if she is she is due around July 22.

well she would be about 2 weeks along now and her kittens still arn't totally weaned so i would give it another week and they will be weaned and then the vet wants to wait another 2 or 3 weeks before he does anything but by that time she will be about 5 or 6 weeks pregnant and i think it will be too late for him to spay her by then so me and my mom think it would just be best to let her have the babies and just save up some money and be prepared. i know this decision isnt what most of you would do but i have made up my mind and i think it will be ok. so please keep Kitty in your thoughts and prayers. She has thrown up a little today and has been lazy and not herself lately. she is more like her pregnant self. she is a tiny cat she doesnt weigh alot at all and so you can tell when she has gotten "thicker" and a little heavier when you pick her up.

My questions are:

1) throwing up is normal for a pregnant cat right?
2) since she might be needing more nutrition and a healthier diet for these kittens is there a special cat food brand you recomend?
3) do i need to give her anything else or is there something i should be doing to help her?

thanks guys.
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I have never known of a pregnant cat to have morning sickness. I think you need to call the vet. A small young cat, nursing kittens, and pregnant...that is a lot of stress on her already. Add vomiting to the mix, and she could really get into trouble quickly!

Ask the vet if you should be supplementing her with kitten formula to help her feed all those babies, born and unborn.
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i heard that they might get morning sickness but i just wanted a second opinion. she did it before once during her last pregnancy but i'll call my mom right now and tell her to call the vet. thanks alot Beckiboo
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I have never heard of morning sickness for cats, but I always get fosters who are ready to pop out babies! Or already had them! I haven't had one that was in the early stages of pregnancy. I still think better safe than sorry, since she is preggers and nursing.
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cats can get morning sickness but it normally isn't till around 4 weeks along. only 13 days is a bit early since at this point the blasts are just implanting so nothing to really make her sick yet.......... it isn't till about 22-28 days after that morning sickness can happen and that is once they start growing some. So I would call your vet and see if it could be something else.
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my mom called the vet and he said morning sickness does happen in the early stages and it is fine if it doesnt have a strong odor but yea junior i thought it happened later too. hmmm... maybe she's farther along than i thought? i'll keep an eye on her.
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How many litters has she had already and how far apart has each been?
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Jessie--- I am just going by what the cat preg. calendar says.......... but seems early at this time since they are JUST implanting. that is like a human getting morning sickness say a week before their period is due. it just doesn't happen............. but guess if the vet said it can.............
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I am worried the mom is going to start stressing out... Her por body is going to be mixed up
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Yosemite-- she has only had one litter before this and that was about 6 weeks ago. i didnt even suspect she was pregnant last time until she threw up then other changes started happening (nipples, weight gain, etc.)

Jenny-- yeah i'm trying to help her out and keep this pregnancy as normal as possible.

Junior-- i dont know if my mom told the vet how far along she is supposed to be so i dont know...
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My fingers are crossed that everything will go ok...
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