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did she leave her mamma too soon?

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For the almost 2 weeks since we've had Nat (our 8 week old kitty, who is watching Animal Planet right now,lol), every time she wakes up from a long nap, she really cries...but she just comes right to me, meows and purrs for a few minutes, walks all over me, rubs her face against mine, lays on me five different ways, sometimes, lays on me and falls asleep, sometimes I take her to her food, and she eats. Twice the other day, she was defintely trying to nurse on me, but it sounds sooo pitiful when she cries, yet she's purring and staying with me. It's so sweet, but I feel like she's looking for her littermates and her mamma. Will she grow out of this sad cry?
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Garfield (who is over 2 years old) still nurses every night on dd's stuffed horse. He was with his Mom until 8 weeks, but we learned that she almost died of distemper. I believe that although he was with her, she was unable to nurse him as she was so ill. (She did recover after a blood transfusion.) He also used to cry any time he was alone. If you walked out of a room he was in, he would just sit right down and cry, rather than try to follow you.

Maybe get your baby a stuffed animal to sleep with. And give her lots of extra love and cuddles. Maybe even get her a big sister or brother to cuddle with?!?
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She has a twin I wanted to keep too, but it's too much for my mom, who is in a wheelchair....maybe I'll keep whispering stuff into my mom's ear when she's asleep...."you want a second kitty, you want a second kitty" Think that will work?

My Mom gave her a little stuffed lamb, actually she goes to that after I tell her to stop biting me, just runs to the lamb and wrestles with it.
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Sounds like she may have, though some kitties miss their mom at any age. Rocky was definateley at the right age when I adopted him 12-14 weeks, but he was sickly. He was the last of his litter to be adopted and was still with mom. He sometimes lets out these real pathetic meows when he is upset or wants attention. He's now two years old! He also used to nurse or suckle on us until he was 5-6 mos, he has graduated to very intense licking and purring. I would just reassure her when she cries and give her as much attention as you can.
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I was crying yesterday, because we had to take my mom to the ER (she's home and fine), and while I was crying, Nat woke up and kept walking back on forth on my shoulders and chest and licking my face. So I can't help but to reassure her when she cries too!

I just realized I could post this link of a few pictures of Nat. Here she is:


Doesn't she look scared in the pics on the blanket, that was her first night here? She sort of has a sad eyed look sometimes, but less and less as the days go by

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ooohh... she's beautiful!!

I would guess "homesick" and prescribe extra cuddles
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awwww extra love for her, shes probably scared, give her some time to settle into her new home.
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Thanks Callista and Lina
I would cuddle her right now, but she slept for about 5 or 6 hours this afternoon, and she's in the mood for PLAY!!! LOL She's right now attacking a a spot of paint on the bedroom floor. No wait, change that, she's chasing her tail in a shoe box!
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Awww. . .my kitty is sort of similar to that. I think Nat misses her mama and brothers and sisters, so if it's possible, you can get her a new kitty friends to play with, and of course, if that really is too much, you can donate a stuffed animal to offer some comfort, and shower her with lots of love and affection letting her know she's safe.
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ohhh what pretty colors, love that multi colored paw. She looks a lot like my neighbor's cat Lucky..
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My Lady Deathstrike (aka Lady or Ladybug or Badylug) absolutely loves to sit on your chest. I guess it helps that my mom and I are well endowed, because that is where she sits if we are watching tv or reading or on the computer. She will also walk around squeaking at you to pick her up while you are trying to gt dressed in the morning,
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