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Long distance adoptions

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I'm looking for feedback/advice from those of you involved with rescue group/shelters and that been involved in long distance adoptions. My group has done a few (including a couple to wonderful TCS folks!). We recently received an inquiry from Texas about our Petfinder listing for a one-year-old calico, named Felicia. The woman had a calico for 18 years that passed away last year, and she feels drawn to Felicia's looks and personality (she's a sweetie!)

Any thoughts on this? Obviously, she needs to fill out our adoption application, pay the adoption fee and work out transport. And we'll need to check references. There's a lot of distance between Ohio and Texas, though. Part of me feels like she ought to be looking closer to home. There's got to be plenty of cats in need where she is. At the same time, I can't discount the fact that she already seems to feel a bond with Felicia.

What do you guys think? Thanks!
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I've never had a problem with out of state people adopting my rexes (kittens or adults). They even send pictures of the cats in their home to update.

Maybe try and get this potential owner to keep you all updates with pics, etc. ?
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Well, I was just this week looking into pet transport to possibly adopt one of our forum member's rescue kittens, and found that it was much too cost prohibitive for me to spend over $400 to ship a kitten from NC to MA, vet bills notwithstanding.

So, despite the fact that I fell in love with a certain little orange boy's picture, I have to face reality and try to find one that is closer to home. I think if it can be managed in a way that is cost effective, or if the potential adopter has plenty of money and is willing to pay the costs for vet & transpo, then it may be worth it for the furbaby to go to a forever home that will be ideal for them.

Otherwise, I'd talk them out of it - there are lots of little furbabies all around that need our love - and it's SO easy to fall in love with ALL little baby kitties!!!
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Well Eileen, in addition to adopting my princesses from you, I have adopted kittens from New York, Michigan and California! Granted, I have special babies that have a hard time getting homes, but if this woman feels a bond with Felicia and has the means to get them together, than I don't really see any reason to discourage it-possibly get a vet reference as well, though?
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I adopted Sampson and Vanna this way (long distance adoption). I was looking closer to home for a cat, siamese to be honest and came across Sampson's picture and there was just something about Sampson that clicked. I can't explain it, doesn't make any sense to anyone else either.

I had to wait 3 weeks for him to finish a round of antibiotics before I left to pick him up. We drove 7 hours spent the weekend there at a hotel, paid the adoption fee and came home with an extra kitten.

Their foster mom had me fill out an application and I also gave her a few references. She checked them out. I also sent her an update a month later to let her know how they were doing.

If she is willing to pay transportation and her application and references check out than I say go for it.
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Thanks, guys. I appreciate your feedback and willingness to share experiences.
I'll feel more comfortable with this after I get know this woman's situation a little better. So far, our only contact has been a brief phone conversation.

Besides, if she truly feels Felicia is the right cat for her, who am I to stand in the way of true love?
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Great that you feel this way!
My mom lives in Sweden and she is dreaming of having a cat for a long time now. Personal and health problems were holding her for a long time. Then she saw a cat on petfinder in my city and wanted to have her really bad! She would pay any expencies JUST TO HAVE her, including vet bills and ticket to Sweden for her! Meanwhile- i got pregnant, so my mom hold on to that idea- she is coming over in about a month, AND before she lives she is determan TO ADOPT a cat, no matter what! Some people I am sure will pay the price even for an abandoned kitten, just so they can have him.
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Not to freak you out but I have ads posted for adoptions all the time and I constantly get the scammers emailing me. They say just that, they live in another state, had a cat that just died and want mine.

A few things that give them away are if THEY suggest a certain shipping company or say they have their OWN. Also if they say they love your "pet" they want a new "pet" and their "pet" died and are looking for a new "pet" like yours. That in a dead giveaway.

This may ne perfectly fine but I always wonder about people looking in other states for cats when there are millions of them everywhere. Especially is the cats aren't purebred from a breeder. Some actual breeders will naturally ship pets but I find it odd that someone is so set on yours, being out of state and all.
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hello, how are you doing and your pet? my name is Anna Batman and i will love to give your pet a loving home. i reside in nevada with my wife and children and we will love to take your pet as an indoor family pet and we love pet so much than any other thing on earth ,so please let me know the last asking price and i will love to view the pics if available. payment will be made before shippment and my shipping company will handle the shipping , dont be bored about the shipping of this pet cos this company deals with transporting live pets across the coast which i have been a witness of. more so my mode of payment will be in an american cashiers check or money order check which will include the cost of the pet along with the shipping fees, you can get a hold of this shipping company for more information asper the shipping at and they made it known to me that the pet will be pickup right in your door step with out you streesing your self and a vet check will be carried out on the pickup day by the shipers vet doctor. i look forward to hear from you in giving this pet a loving home , i await your response

See how they say "pet" instead of cat. And which cat? I have 6 that I am currently trying to find a home for!
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Originally Posted by Jen
This may ne perfectly fine but I always wonder about people looking in other states for cats when there are millions of them everywhere. Especially is the cats aren't purebred from a breeder.

I understand being cautious of people you can't realistically physically check up on, but why should a moggie not be as desirable as a purebred?

They're all cats. I've personally fallen in love with a moggie who is too far away for me to realistically adopt, both through looks, and personality. If I could get there and adopt her I would, but I cannot, so I just have to hope that she gets adopted to a great home.

I've adopted cats out to the neighboring states, and have received pictures of them, as well as progress letters.

The only one that I have adopted out in-state is MIA because they moved and left it behind, which I only found out about very recently, and they seemed like excellent caretakers at the time.
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Ohio and Texas is actually not that far apart. My uncle drives from Ohio to Texas all the time.

It is probably best for her to make some long-distance driving and pick up the cat herself.

Also, someone had attempted to scam me once before by pretending to try to adopt one of my fosters. He tried to scam $3000 out of me!!! I didn't lose any money. However, over the last year I had gotten hundreds of emails from him and his associates trying to get me to buy Viagra!!! GRRRR....
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I really don't have a problem with people going out of the way looking for non-purebred cats. I am just saying that I get SO MANY of these scam emails, just be wary of everyone. It is really hard to know for sure about a new home that is so far away and people will tell all sorts of stories. Just be careful is all.
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Ads like that are definitely suspicious and a cause for concern. Thanks for the warning. Believe me, Felicia isn't going anywhere until this lady completes an adoption application, we check references, she pays our adoption fee and we arrange safe, reliable transportation. Sure there's plenty of cats in need where she's from (Houston), but if she feels that strongly about Felicia, how can we turn her down? If I'd fallen in love with any of my cats from a distance, I would made the trip for them.
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Ever since that one guy tracked me down and showed up on my front doorstep, I am probably overly cautious.
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Originally Posted by Jen
Ever since that one guy tracked me down and showed up on my front doorstep, I am probably overly cautious.
I saw your thread about that - pretty scary. I thinks it's smart to be cautious.
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