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Cloe Update...

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I took Cloe to the vet this morning and he said she is doing fine. The discharge she had yesturday was normal. Her temp. is 100.2. Her milk has come in. The vet said she sshould have her babies in 1 to 2 days....
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yay! babies soon! keep us updated!
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My cat had a green discharge too. The vet said that can indicate an infection. He put her on antibiotics. I hope everything goes well with Cloe and it doesn't sound like you have long to wait.
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I vet said everything is ok. She only had a tiny bit of discharge so, the vet wasn't worried. I will keep all of those who are interested posted on how she is doing.
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Please do I cant wait to hear babies...
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Well, no kittens as of yet. But she is starting to nest a little. Unfortunately it is not in her nesting box. It is on my bed. I can not get her to go in her box. I put her in it and she is right back out again. Anyone have any ideas how I can get her to use the box???
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My momma did the same thing, I had a nest set up in my closet. She refused to stay there and ran out every time I put her in it. She didn't nest at all but she ended up having her babies in the closet, amazed me. You can make it as appealing as you can but she will eventually have them where she feels the safest.
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Is the nest you set up like a box or something to that nature in your closet? You could always put it on your bed, or layer on layer of towels so nothing gets on your bed.
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Skittles did the same thing.... She wants to be with you... If you start to see contractions and stuff go sit with her in the closet... Also grap something old of yours that you can put in there.. Onse I did that for Skittles she was sitting in the closet for 20 to 30 min at times... Then 2 days later of course she was on my bed sleeping with me when her water went but she got up and took me to the closet with her
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Originally Posted by Sirha
Is the nest you set up like a box or something to that nature in your closet? You could always put it on your bed, or layer on layer of towels so nothing gets on your bed.
Yes it is a rubbermade under the bed box(the short ones), so she can get in and out of it easy. There is a layer of egg crate foam in the bottom, with an old pillow case over that, then an old towel over that, and the a peice of scrape white cotton materal over that. Is there anyhting else that maybe appealling to her?
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when Kitty had her babies, she didnt care how appealing her nest area looked that i set out for her... she had them on the couch! so if she decides to have them on your bed then jus put some towels and stuff down and eventually she will move them to a nesting area.
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Any babies yet
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Unfortunately no. I am still waiting. She is pacing alot more.
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Could be tonight I wish you luck and great baby vibes...
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I am hoping she has them tonight.....
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If she seems restless then I think it is really close...
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She does seem pretty restless. She can't seem to find a comfortable position to lay. She will lay in one spot for a few minutes then gets up and has to move......
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Try to go lay with her and talk really soft to her... She might want you there to sooth her... They say cats can stop labor...
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Well still no babies. She was having some contractions last night, but they seemed to have stopped now.
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when my youngest cat had her 2 litters last year she had her kittens in her cat crate in the kitchen by the radiator and i was with her thought out both labours and is she more vocal cause dotty was
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My cat doesn't want anyhting to do with the cat crate. Normally she has the run of the house, but since she is so close to delievering I had kept her locked up in my bedroom, away from the dog and the kids.
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Well my fingers are crossed that something happenes soon.
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So am I......I am checking on her every hour or so. And everytime I walk in the room she has to get up and pace. I am also worried, because she likes the tile floor in my bathroom. The problem is I just can't shut the door to the bathroom, because my bathroom is in my bedroom. I can lay in bed and look straight at my bath tub. The toilet and the shower are behind half a wall, but it is all tiled. I think she likes it, because it is cool. My concern is I don't want her to have the babies on the tile floor. If I am in there I know that it won't happen, but I can not stay in there, because I have kids. If my husband was home it would be no big deal. But, he is out of town for work. Anyone have any ideas on what I should do??? My room is the only avalible room I have to put her in.
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My cat didn't want to have anything to do with her nesting box until after she had her kittens. We had the box in my sister's master bath because it was the only out of the way place. She had paced around all day so we put her in the bathroom, and I decided I couldn't go to sleep and hope that she would wake me when she started labor with her crying, so I put a blanket in the bathroom intending to sleep on the floor in there with her, and as soon as I laid down she laid down next to me, and began pushing out kitten number one. The best I could do was but a towel on the floor and let her have them there. In the morning I moved them into the box and that's where they stayed. It's quite possible she wants you there for the delivery, maybe you can get a sitter. I know Phoebe wouldn't have hers without me there, everytime I moved even a little, she got up and started acting nervous. I've never been so still for so long. Good luck with your kitty.

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My husband will be home soon and he gets to sit with the kids. I have done it with no break for 2 weeks, so he can take a little time to spend with his kids, so I can spend sometime with my kitty.
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Well the vet showed me how to do Cloe's temp. the other day, and I just now braved doing it for the first time. If I am right her temp is 98.6. But, wouldn't that mean that she was already in labor??? Or does it mean she should be starting labor???
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She will soon start labor. That sounds about right, my cat Ash's temp was 97 degrees 24 hrs before she had given birth
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Since June 1st the vet said 1-2 days, I'd say call him if she doesn't have them by morning. Better safe than sorry. Any more discharge?
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There was a small amount of clear discharge, not very much though.
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Can be any time now
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