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The day has come

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Im taking the stray i rescued to the vet monday and have her spayed. My question is how will she be once she has the operation done? will she be more mellow...not meow so much? will she be mad? this is the first time i have had to do this and im just wondering what to expect.
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Ollie's a boy, so obviously it's a little different, but he was also 4 when I found him so I don't know if it would be different with a younger cat, but he didn't change at all (the way the vet did his procedure it still *looks* like he has, ahem um balls, but all the uh plumbing is disconnected.... so he likes to parade around, tail straight up, stoping right at your face so he can "show them off" haha).... my dog was very young when we had her spayed (pound puppy, black lab) and she didn't hate us and didn't appear to be in any pain when she came home to us... she just has her spay scar on her belly. Spaying is a very healthy choice for your kitty when she's not going to be used for breeding, you eliminate the possibility for various diseases and problems.

I've worked as a kennel nurse at both a shelter and animal hospital and have even helped with many spays and neuters.... even right after the animals wake up from surgery, they very rarely outwardly show pain - they are given pain meds.... she'll be ok, don't worry - cats dont hold grudges very long in general anyhow, so even if she does get peeved, it wont last long

Let us know how she does!
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My girl was spayed at 4 months, and it took her about 2 weeks to get back to her zany, zoomy self. She has mellowed a little bit with time, as she will be a year old in about two weeks, but she's still definitely a kitten.

I think each cat is completely different. Vocal cats are vocal cats, and spaying won't change that. I'm sure she may be disgruntled with you for a few days, but she'll get over it fast enough!
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Please let me know how she is doing... I am not sure till I have Skittles done how she will react...
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