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Frontline Plus VS. Advantage... I wanna know your thoughts....

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Ok.. First off.... I thought this thread belongs here because well it does have to do with their health... but I am one that can admit I am wrong (at times ) so if it needs to be moved... please feel free.

Now... I have always used Frontline Plus (for about 6 years) and I have never had a problem with it. It has always worked. Well this past month it did not work at all. I was very dissapointed.

I am now wondering if I should try Advantage on my fuzzy butts and I wanted to post a poll to see who thinks Frontline Plus is the KING of flea killers or is Advantage.

Thanks for your help....
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I love advantage!!! I have to be honest though, I have never used Frontline. But I would recommend advantage to anyone, It really worked for us. The fleas literally start dropping off the cat.
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I heard about some research done recently that showed that Advantage killed fleas more quickly than the others but that they were all just as effective over time with controlling fleas. But, I like Revolution best because it protects against heartworm, kills round worms and hook worms, and kills ear mites. Unfortunately, neither Advantage or Revolution kills ticks, which Frontline does, so that is a real positive with Frontline.

You might try using a different flea treatment each month (on a rotating basis) which will help keep skin reactions from occuring and just might improve effectiveness.
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I've used advantage in the past. Right now I use Revolution and I love it. I work with someone who uses frontline and she has been using it for forever and loves it, but I have read posts on here saying some people found it ineffective???
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Wow!! Revoloution... that is new to me. I will see if I can add that to the poll Thanks!
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I've used both but prefer frontline because it kills the eggs. Advantage does not.
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Ahahaha I just noticed you have a LiLo in your siggy! She's adorable [all your kitties are hehehe]
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I've never used any flea protection on cats, but on the dogs, here's what I've found:

1)my vet's dumb. He sold me Advantix, which can be lethal to cats
2)Fronline Plus works very well
3)Advantage has never been tried by me
4)revolution requires a prescription

I've heard bad things about all of the flea products out there. I like Frontline best, but that is b/c it works for me & it works well at the humane society. I know of people who had no luck with revolution at all, they now use frontline. I know of people who won't use advantage b/c of it ineffectiveness.

I guess it's up to you to decided. Good luck with that, BTW!
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I honestly have never used anything other than Revolution, and like Lotsocats said, I like it because it protects against wormies too, I also use Revo on the dogs. It is more expensive then "just" flea protection, but not as expensive as flea protection plus heartworm protection. I get it from the vet, but I'm sure that if I wanted them to send a prescription to 1-800-petmeds or whatever they would. I think that if I didn't have dogs, I might go with Frontline for the kits, but since the dogs go outside there's no telling what they could bring in so Revo it is!
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I am having a AWFUL time with ticks right now(on the dogs) and I have always used Frontline, but just recently bought some Advantix because I was still seeing ticks after using Frontline, and personally I am still seeing ticks, even after the Advantix! I dont know whats going on! I havent seen any fleas yet this year(knock on wood) but the ticks are just horrible. I dont know what else to try.....sorry to keep rambling, guess I didnt help ya much. LOL.....I did use to use Advantage though for fleas(yrs ago) and it did seem to help.
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I don't live in an area where there is a tick problem so I use advatage on the dogs during the warmer months and only if I see a flea on them.
I got Shamie in Sept. and I haven't had to put anything on him. We adopted Fez from the Humane Society and they treated him with Revolution.
I've lived in this house for 5 years and I have never had a bad flea problem while living in this area. I have found fleas on the dogs only twice in 5 years. Knock on wood. I think it's due to so many people using some type of good flea treatment now a days. I remember growing up in the mid to late 70's and it seemed like my dad was always getting something to treat our dog (flea shampoo, flea powder, flea sprays) and using flea bombs in the house. Me and mom were the ones that would get chewed up by fleas, they didn't really bother my brothers or dad.

I have noticed a few mosquitos already when I've been outside working in the yard.
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