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2 day show - help!

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We're having our first ever 2 day show (8 rings) soon and I'm getting nervous...I bringing 2 cats and 2 kittens...any advise esp. on feeding schedules and what to do about litter boxes while benching??? My cats and I have never done this before and the largest show we've ever had was a 1 day 5 ring show only...

Help, please! Any and all advice welcomed!
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I usually don't feed them until I get to the show, then after the cage is all set up, feed them and put a little water in there. I do NOT keep the water in the cage but offer them water a few times a day.

You don't have to take down the cage/curtains between Sat/Sun so you'll have a little more time Sunday morning.

The litter pan stays in the cage unless they want to "play" in it. If so, take it out unless you want to clean up litter on the bottom of the cage. If they seem to need the pan, then put it in there. Take an extra towel or two in case of accidents.

My cats were more relaxed at 2 day shows - one day shows is harder as its little time to rest between rings. Most times they will start about 1/2 hour or so EARLIER on Sunday as judges need to leave to catch flights home.

Good luck and best wishes

One other helpful hint since you will be showing in different classes - MARK your show schedule (circle) when your cats are listes; eg; Kitten class and Championship AB/SH/Aby or Premiers (SH/AB). That way you know when to pay attention to which ring. Its helpful when showing more then one cat (especially in different classes) to have a helper (spouse, your child, friend, etc.). Many times you will be in 2 different rings at the same time and need to get the cats up there so you don't get a 2nd call and keep everyone waiting.
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GoldenKitty, you rock!!! What size litter pans and normal litter or shredded paper?? I've never had any 'accidents' at a one day show and am a bit worried about accidents on the Sunday...

Also, do I give the cats a full meal after the Saturday showing and take it away at midnight?
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I use the small litter pans, as they don't take up half the benching cage, like the bigger ones do. I've found that only my kittens will use the "facilities" during a show. The adults always hold it until we get back to the hotel.

Most shows will provide the cheapo clay litter (non clumping). We always bring our own, but I wouldn't have a problem using the show provided kind.

I've always fed my cats and kittens at their normal feeding times. One to give them a sense of normalcy and two because they do look foward to their feedings.
I also give a little treat to each cat after returning from each ring, as a reward for good behavior. This gives them something to look foward to when returning to their benching area.

Hope you have a great time and good luck with those finals!
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Actually I use a cardboard box top (size depending on cat) and tape plastic wrap beforehand. Then take my own scoopable litter. I don't like the normal clay litter.

I've seen some use a plastic shoe box for a litter pan.

As far as feeding, if you are staying at the hotel overnite, then just feed them normal supper. When I was showing, I would use canned food so all I needed to do is give them their small can (one serving) for supper. They would finish it that nite (within a few mins) and then would give them breakfast on Sunday morning at the show.

Don't be worried if the cats don't use the pan. I too have had many adults wait till they get back to the room to go. Only a few times did they really need it at the show - many times I'd have a clean litter box after Sunday
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Thank you both for such wonderful advise...I've heard tell that I should use some sort of vitamin gel (Nutri + or Nutri gel) to keep the weight up at optimum - any opinions on that?
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IMO if the cat is that stressed at a show and losing weight, he/she should NOT be shown. Never heard of anything about a gel to keep weight up. Your cat should be in good health before showing anyway
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