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Hide & Seek Kitten

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Do any of you play hide & seek with your cats? My hubby thinks I'm just ridiculous, although he does laugh at me & Lucky running through the house looking for one another. Our game goes like this: she'll come up to be affectionate, then I run back and duck into one of the rooms, then she comes darting back to find me, and if she does, I go running back out and hide, and she comes out to find me again... sometimes she'll be looking for me and I'll jump out behind her and scare the wits out of her! She jumps like 5 feet, then looks at me like she's mad, then takes off to hide again!

Hubby thinks we're nuts, but I love it... she's so cute and playful! And sneaky too...I love to watch her sneak up, I'll peek out from behind something... she gets into major stalk mode then!!!!
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Sophie doesn't play but i play peekaboo with Rosie all the time, and when she sneaks up on me she makes those chirping noises as if to say "gotcha!!"
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Ginger and I play hide & seek - I just LOVE it when I'm hiding and she sneaks up on me, then I jump out and yell BOO! and she jumps backwards three feet into the air and then takes off! I giggle my butt off!!

She actually instigated the game by stalking me, so I turned the tables on her by stalking HER! The only thing is, I'm just not as young as I used to be, so I can't play zoomies the way that she can. Running through the house isn't good for me OR the house, LOL!!!
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I don't have any cats now that do that, but I have had cats in the past that played hide and seek. I also had one that I would scare when he got close... he loved it!

When I was about 10 years old, the first cat that my parents allowed inside the house (occasionally) was a big tom cat... he would go to the end of the hallway and wait... my dad would make a scratching noise on his recliner (that was at the other end) the cat would race to my dad and he would stick his hand out to scare him and the cat would run back and wait - he would do that over and over and over. I can still remember all of us laughing so hard.
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