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Litter training the kitties....

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Ok, so I have a quick question. My kitties will be 6 weeks old this Saturday. Is that to young to litter train them? How do I go about doing that? I bought a litter box(that they could climb in and out of with ease) today, and I was just wondering...Also, I have three, so will they use the same one since they are so young...or are they like adult cats and need their own? Sorry for all the questions...but thanks in advance!
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My kittens turn 5 weeks tomorrow and are already using the litterbox. Are your kittens with mom or are you training them yourself?
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If they are still with their mother (i hope they are) then she wil teach them to use it.
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Yeah, they are still with Mom...She's a total wild child, and I can't catch her! I have been bringing them in for a few hours a day. No worries though, our backyard is cat safe..no way any other animals can get in, and we are WAY off of the road. I am planning on keeping one for myself, as a house cat. I'm not giving the others to anyone who keeps them outside, so I thought having them litter trained would be a great idea.
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I got my kitty at 6 weeks or so, and it was still too early I think. She wasn't quite trained. One of the things I read was to scratch at the litter in front of the kitten. I did that a lot, and it seems to have worked. I was just getting ready to take the advice from somewhere else that says if you are training the kitty yourself, you might want to mimic the mother by stimulating the baby with a wet wash cloth on their bottom, while in the box of course, when she used the box by herself that day while I was at work.
(Please, anyone correct me if I'm wrong)
I still scratch sometimes with the scoop, and half the time she plays with the scoop, and the other half she realizes she has to go, and goes.
It's funny, if I'm cleaning it out, and she's standing there, when I'm done she'll get in, even if she doesn't have to go, and move the litter around herself, till it's the way she likes it, then jumps out.
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Thanks! Yeah, mine keep jumping in a playing with the litter...maybe they don't have to go?
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YAY! The black kitty used the litter box!!! Now maybe the others will follow his lead....
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Your kitties are so adorable!!
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Thank you!!!

And you know what? Shortly after...the other two kitties did!!!! YAY!

I'm hoping this means they will go there from now on!
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Isn't it funny how amazing a feeling that is!! lol
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Yeah! It really is!!! I'm so proud of them...the good thing is, when I came back in from eating dinner, they had used it again. Odd how us cat lovers get excited over the smallest things....
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