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Rescued Cat Who Bites

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I have a rescued cat who when petting him he jumps up and bites my
hand or leg. It's more of a nip but it breaks the skin if it's bare. I think
he does this for attention, but he is up for adoption. Needlesstosay,
potential adoptors aren't standing in line for him. He is a large male,
about 18 lbs., black. He was declawed and neutered. I have tried
Rescue Remedy to curb his aggressive behavoir, but that doesn't seem
to be doing much. Others have suggested squirting with water and
then others say not to squirt with water. He's in my guest bedroom so
he doesn't have access to my other foster cats or my dogs. I'm afraid he
will bite them. He hisses at dogs when he's out for adoption with the rescue
org. I'm active with. Any advice would be appreciated.

Emily Leech
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Well he most likely does that as a result of declawing, such a shame that he was declawed. But anyways, I wouldn't squirt him with water since that usually can add to the agression rather then help it. He will begin to see you as an enemy and he may never stop biting.

I don't have a lot of suggestions unfortunately. I know Feliway/Comfort Zone plugins are designed to stop unwanted behavior so you may want to look into that. It is expensive but works well usually. If it does work be sure to tell the new adopters about it.
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Please click here to read about how to stop this kind of aggression.
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It sounds like he is overstimulated, in addition to being insecure because of his declaw. Lotsocats provided you with a great link.

Here is a link about overstimulation in cats: http://www.treehouseanimals.org/Tree...0Site-E-OS.htm
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We figured declawing contributed to his nippie bahavior. I'm a volunteer
at the Pound and he was an owner turn-in, probably for that very reason.
We in the Adoption Center don't know. He was adopted out and returned
bacause he nipped the adoptor's arm. That's where Rescue entered the
picture. I't surprising how many well cared for, spayed/neutered and
declawed cats are turned into the Pound--well, maybe it's not surprising.
This a a disposable society.

Anyway, thanks to all who responded with ideas. One, Feliway/Comfort
Zone was one of them. What is it and where can it be purchased?

Emily Leech
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Petsmart, Petco, neighborhood pet supply stores, online...it's pretty easy to get ahold of.
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