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Where did you find your favourite cat furniture??

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HI Everyone!!

I was just curious......

About 10-15 years ago I bought a cat tree while I was at a Cat Show here in the St. Louis, MO area. It's an AWESOME cat tree...made with real 'logs', or tree branches (between 4 and 6 inches thick), It's 62" tall, and the base is AWESOME....20" by 20", and 1" thick! This baby DOES NOT turn over no matter what you throw at it!! So when my 3 MaineCoons would all run for it, I NEVER worried about it!! It's got a tunnel on the bottom, a house on the center level, and then 3 long U shaped sleep areas on the next levels.

People always comment on it , and I feel it's been the best investement I EVER made on cat furniture!! I believe the company that made it was from California somewhere.


What has been YOUR best piece of CAT FURNITURE?, and why?, and where did you get it??

Best wishes to all of you, and be well!!!

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It sounds terrific, Bindi! Bet your kitties adore it!
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In a dumpster.

A new chair had a broken roller so a company threw it away. They also replaced the carpet in the office. Took some large chunks of carpet and stretched it between the arms of the chair. Wrapped carpet around the legs of the chair on three sides and used a half cover in front. The masters have a hidy hole under the chair, a lounger between the legs and a crawl space between the lounger and the chair seat itself. The chair has cloth backrest (with a space between seat and backrest) and seat. Masters can climb in back or up the cloth to the top. Everybody but Sterling uses it. Sterling prefers the cloth stash my sewing wife has.
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Big lots. $49.99 with a perch, a condo and two scratching posts.

Sunshine took it over and made it his throne. I have five cats but apparently only one of them is worthy for the throne. He would let the females have the throne occasionally, but only when he likes them.
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Cat furniture? You mean my couch/bed/table/anything else they wish to sleep on! LOL!
I bought them a cat tree once and they were like "yeah right, I'm staying on the comfy couch."
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