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is this common?

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We have one cat that doesnt really like anyone else (pet wise) in our home. But her and Angel do NOT get along at all (Tiger, the one that doesn't like anyone, is the Alpha kitty in the house and Angel is the youngest and tries to fight for Alpha kitty status) so if Tiger even gets with in a foot of Angel she hisses. Well I have noticed the past week or so she sniffs her and doesn't hiss at all (we have had Angel for 2 yrs now so it isn't that she is getting used to her).

Could she sense Angel is pregnant? just seemed very odd to me that she suddenly stopped this behavior. LOL
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I think she might sence she is prego...
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Jenny--- that is what i am thinking. very strange for her to just sniff and NOT hiss as she hisses at every other animal most times. LOL my other 2 cats she gets along with a little better but still doesn't like them in her "space" LOL She is my loner kitty and only in the past 1-2 yrs has really started to come to us for loves, but after a few min of loves she is done and goes back to her "perch" LOL

My other babies are all lovebugs and love to snuggle!
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Skittle was a loner now all she does is love
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The one that is a loner has been fixed for years, but she does love us, just noone outside our household or any other pets. LOL When we go on vaca my inlaws come to feed them, scoop the box and let the dogs out and feed them and they can NEVER find this cat as she is always hiding. LOL So they non stop go in search for her, not sure why as she hides all the time when they come over even if we are home. LOL But makes me feel safe knowing they keep a good eye on my pets.
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Nina has been very unhappy with my foster cats and kittens and has not really left my sons room except to run away Now that she is pregnant and farther along she has come out of the room and joined the group. She still hisses at the kittens from time to time but she is MUCH more social Every time she hisses at the kittens I tell her "better get used to them!"
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Well at least Nina is now home
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Amy---- this is my other cat (that isn't preg) that is nicer to the preg. one.......... LOL I could see maybe if it was the preg. one as she is much calmer now. She will still jump on the other ones every so often but nothing like she used to. How is Nina doing? She has got to be getting close, trying to remember when she got home and was about 6 weeks. LOL
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