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Daughter got stung tonite

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I have never in my life been stung by a bee or wasp-but my poor 2 y/o got stung tonite!! Bless her heart I was keeping a very close eye on it to make sure she didnt have an allergic reaction, and thankfully she didnt, it was very red though. We put baking soda on it to get the sting out. I felt so sorry for her though......
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Oh no! This is so much worse than being stung yourself. Poor little girl, kisses to that ouchy from us!
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2 of my sons are allergic to them...I know it hurts them to be stung... Poor baby girl... When it heals give her a kiss on the owy...
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A raw onion is good for bee stings. You can rub it on the wound.
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Originally Posted by shengmei
A raw onion is good for bee stings. You can rub it on the wound.
Hmm-thats a new one to me. Doesnt it burn though??
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I don't know. I never tried it out. I heard a horticulture professor talking about it on National Public Radio.
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I've also read this as a home remedy, but you're wise to question the info when it comes to your baby.
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I am very sorry to hear of that!
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Oh I have stepped on bees OMG that hurts so bad, poor baby. I had a horse get stung one time his whole face swelled up someting terrible, he was just about 6 mos old, had to call the vet to give him something, And I have been stung by tiny red ants wow that feels like you wouldn't beleive, Hope the baby is ok.
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Ouch!! I know how she feels! When I was younger (about 11 ish) I was leaning over the lip of our pool (from outside the pool) to touch the water. Unbenownst to me there was a wasps nest right below the lip which I stirred up. I got stung too many times to count - all on my chest and stomach cause I had my bathing suit on. It was awful! To this day I freak whenever a bee or wasp comes near me. I'm not allergic, but I do freak. My friends think it's funny how I just get totally out of control and start screaming - but after that experience - I don't think it's so funny
At least your little one will be too young to remember and won't have any fears like me. It's also good to hear your daughter is not allergic! That is so dangerous!
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I had on a longish maternity dress once and I walked by a hornets nest. A few flew up my dress stung me I don't know ho many times. I was leaving my grandmothers house at the time. I came running back into her house ripped my dress off right in her kitchen because they where still up under the dress stinging me on the back and shoulders. It sure hurts.
Meat tenderizer put on as a paste takes the sting out also.
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Poor thing!! I hope she is feeling better now!!
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Ouch!! That is not fun, especially for a kid. I got stung right on my neck once..I felt a tickle there and bent my head down so my chin would itch it, and it turned out there was a bee there, and it stung me..Ow, it hurt alot.
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