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Dedicated to my beloved Pockets...

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It was about this time last year that my little "adopted" foster kitty, Pockets passed away.

It was sudden and part of me is still resentful, thinking that if I'd been a bit firmer with keeping him indoors he'd still be with me but our doctor tells me his heart would've given out and he was lucky to live the 10 months he did live with his heart as large as it was.

Pockets was named so because he could actually fit inside my husbands coat pocket when we first brought him home! He was orange and white and LOVED to be sang to...preferably Sarah MCglachlan tunes by the way.

I loved Pockets dearly, we formed a special kind of bond and I will miss him always. There is a resin stone I will be putting in my garden this summer to pay tribute to *all* the pets I've ever lost and I will dedicate it formally and have it there always.

I love you Pockets and I'm sorry we couldn't have had more time together but I'm happy for the time we did have! You were a great kitty and you ARE a wonderful spirit who will live forever in our hearts and minds.

Mama Elyse

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The garden stone will be a lovely tribute to Pockets and the other little ones who have shared themselves with you. Pockets sounds like a very special kitty, and he was lucky to have you in his life. Just as lucky as you were to have him in your life. It is never long enough with those whom we have that special bond, be it 10 months or 10 years. You have a little guardian kitty angel, waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge. :angel2:
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Dear Elyse, It doesn't matter what the length of time we have these babies of ours, they take a big portion of our hearts with them when they leave. I can picture that little lamb curling up in a pocket, keeping cozy. What a wonderful idea you have to honor your babies! That's excellent. I know that you have a very big heart, and that means there is more of it to break. God bless. Jeanie
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Thank you so much for your kind words and how they ring true, it never IS long enough. I miss my "lil orange and white" whom I also called, "my little man." Thank you for your words of encouragment. Lots of love, Elyse
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Elyse - Pockets sounds like he was a great little man and I am so sorry that he has passed from you. The garden stone is a wonderful idea and a fitting tribute to the little flowers in your life that have touched you so.
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Thank you so very much. I guess we never really forget those who have touched us in special ways. I have valued each little light that has ever come into my life for what it's added, taught me, etc.

Thank you again and bright blessings!

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Bright blessing back to you too Elyse. I am glad that you have joined our family here at TCS.
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That is a lovely tribute to Pockets...it is so hard to lose one of our furbabies, but you were a great cat mom, and my thoughts are with you.
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