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Toilet Paper

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Any kitties eat toilet paper? My vet called it a bad habit. LoL
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Ollie doesnt eat the paper, but loves bunnykicking the empty tubes... I know a lot of people kitties here have fun making messes of the toilet paper and they have to keep it in a cabinet or something... haha, although it's kinda funny, you should keep your kitty from eating toilet paper, it isnt healthy
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Sierra will take a notion and shred the entire roll to pieces all over the place!
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Skittles likes to sit on the rool then lay on it like a body pillow
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Some years ago, in my old house, дебел managed to discover a manner in which he could perch upon the toilet paper holder itself! He would stay there for hours, making some guests uncomfortable!
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My Charlie used to eat toilet paper and kleenex. We always had to cover the boxes, he would eat so much that he would get sick. Poor cat.
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Nepheline will shred the whole roll and spread it all over my apartment if she gets the chance! I have to keep it in a cupboard.
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Ginger is very discriminating...and enjoys the odd bit of TP here and there, LOL! I keep finding little soggy bits on the floor outside the bathroom. I think she steals them from the empty (or nearly so) cardboard rolls that we put in the bathroom wastebasket!

Silly kitty!
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Bit will make a little bed out of it and then hiss at me when I try to clean it up. My Mom found a nice container that we can put our rolls in so that we don't have to hide it under the sink.
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Mine was so into tearing up toilet paper, that I nicknamed her "shredder". She didn't eat it, just tore the whole roll up. I can no longer put the tp on the roll, it goes in a cabinet. Also shredds kleenex.
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Mine don't eat it but they do shred it from one end of the house to the other. I no longer keep toilet paper on the roll. We have to hide it.

I guess it would be considered a bad habit but my cats think it's the enemy.
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Originally Posted by snosrap5
Mine don't eat it but they do shred it from one end of the house to the other. I no longer keep toilet paper on the roll. We have to hide it.
Same here ....
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I have a cute thing that sits beside my toilet and holds 6 rolls inside and the top opens like kleenex holder to let you pull the paper out... Keeps mine out of it...
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Where did you get that from momof3?
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Wal-Mart I think I will try to get a picture of it...
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Thanks, I will have a look next time I go to walmart.
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It is in the bathroom part. Mine is white then had it in brown.
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Thanks again
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NP I love to help...
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I keep mine on the towel rack so she can't get to it. If she does get to it it's gone in minutes... well, not gone but shred to pieces and put in a pile. She once even brought me some to my bed while I was asleep like it was prey and she was showing me what she caught. My reaction may have been disappointing to her, because I was not proud of her.

One thing I have to watch out for is if you put tp in the toilet bowl, like if you blow your nose or wipe off the counter or something, she will fish it out and play with it if you don't flush it. Which is pretty disgusting.
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Gross to us but fun to the fur kids...
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My Tweety only unrolls it every once in a while when she is mad at me for not letting her out (we used to come home from overnight visits to an unrolled pile of paper in the floor ). She also used to do it when we wouldn't let her out all day because of bad weather- but she'd wait until we went to bed and we'd hear "Whumpity, whumpity, whumpity" coming out of our bathroom. "Bird! Cut that out!" And the even better part was, I couldn't use it- I finally figured out that it was what was giving me bladder infection symptoms !
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I had kittens fillet a multipack of t-paper once...and I'm so cheap that I used it anyhow. So instead of wiping with paper, we had a sort of confetti! LOL!
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Midir loves toilet paper, when he first came home, he shredded one roll after another until I read somewhere that if you put the roll upside down on the dispenser, they won't play with it anymore. So now I always put the toilet paper on the dispenser so that you pull the paper from underneath the roll, not from the top ... and it worked for us, he no longer plays with the toilet paper ... so long as you don't leave a case of it sitting out on the floor
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I tried the backwards part made a bigger mess here cause my son thought it was fun LOL...
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What should I do? Riley recently discovered an apparently fun activity which involves him sitting on the toilet, placing his front paws on the toilet paper roll, and unraveling it into a shredded pile on the floor.
It's very annoying; how can I teach him not to do this? Any ideas?
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Not sure how to stop that behavior but to get something to hide the tp...
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My cat usually does that with the tissues in a box, I will wake up and find the entire contents shredded on the table, she sometimes uses it as a nest to sleep in, the one time my boyfriend left his cap lying on the table and she managed to stuff it full of tissues and curled up into it, it was the cutest thing. We started turning the box upside down and that seems to work fine.
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Trout will attack the toilet paper as I'm *ahem* removing a peice from the roll for use. She waits for me to start taking a piece off and then pounces on it, trying to rip it out of my hands. She does this every day, I think its a game to her.
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No, but my last foster would take the TP into the bathtub (no idea how he did this, as he was smaller than it), and proceed to shred as much of it as possible. At least he kept it all in one easy-to-clean area.
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