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Originally Posted by Kovo
Oh and missymotus: Seeing as you live in montreal, where do you suggest I go to adopt a pet? I adopted Tobi from Fairview Shopping Center. Inside theres a pet store Called "Safari" which seems like a legit store to me. Its all Safari themed, and you cant see one cement wall (its all like trees stumps etc...) Do you know or have heared of this store?
It doesn't really matter how fancy they make it seem, the point is if the puppies and kittens are being sold for a lot of money and they are coming from a shhopping center or mall pet store, they most likely came from a puppy/kitten mill or a backyard breeder. No responsible breeder would take their litters to a pet store to be sold for hundreds of dollars to any random person who walks in with a checkbook.

Since your kitten appears to not be any particular breed, it may not be the case. There is a pet store by me which I really liked, they would take in litters from local people who found them and vacinate, worm and flea treat them and sell them for $30. Seemed okay, then one day I went in and they had a bunch of fancy cages with puggles and maltipoos and jack russels all pure bred for $300 and up. Well I immediately walked out and I won't shop there anymore. Too bad really.

Well anyways, if you got him from a shopping center pet shop then he is either from a mill or a BYB and that is the bottom line. I am sure there are a few exceptions but basically that is the sad truth.

Search around your area. There is the Animal Rescue Network, Sphinx Project, Canadian Pet Rescue Services and Gerdy's Rescues and Adoptions. They are all in Montreal.
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Hmm, I will look into it, thx.
I bought him for 80$ which included the first vaccination in it (he will get this free vaccination june 7th and he has been dewormed as well. 80$ canadian is about 73$ American. He is a Tabby Cat. Tabby isnt really a breed though...
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First Off... Tabi is so cute...what a sweet little man!

I agree with everyone when they say not to trust the store..If you ever go get another baby you'll know!

Iam very GLAD to hear that he is eating well! I also agree with getting a second litter box as well as scratching post! Get him used to the pot now aside of later.

Jackson Hated his carrying case when I first got it, but because we travel alot he has really come to enjoy it, I have actually found him sleeping in there during the day. It's good to know that he now thinks of it as his safe to place to fall!

When you take Tobias to the vet pls let us know what the vet says, I cannot wait to hear how he is doing!!!!

Also, when we got Jackson from the shelter, they said he was 3, when I took him into the vet, He said Jackson was between 10-12 months! He till had a few baby teeth!

I hope you and Tobi have an awesome weekend together, and let us know how things go!

Jayme and my Baby J
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What a beautiful kitten! With a sweet little face, you are lucky. Wow, though, 4 weeks? That's quite young for a kitten to be taken away from the mom.
Welcome to owning a cat!
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Congrats on the new kitty!

I really think he looks a tad bit older than 4 weeks though...just my opinion...

But Tobi sure is BEAUTIFUL!
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Thx guys. Yea I too think he is older than 4 weeks, he must be. He is to big for a 4 week old.

Yea he is very cute. Very playfull and very mischievous.

Personally I think all cats/kittens are cute.
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I said it before, and Ill say it again. He eats A LOT. He goes to his food bowl atleast 10 times a day and he eats everytime. And Im not saying a nibble, i mean he eats. Im sure I shouldnt compllain though...right?
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Kovo--- what are you feeding him? After reading this site and changing my cats food to a premium food I have found they eat less since it fills them up better with better food. Not saying it is BAD that he is eating alot as that is good, just wondering what type of food and maybe that is part of the reason he is eating so much. But he is also a growing boy with a little belly so will eat more often.
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Maybe you could weigh him? Weight is a good way to get a rough idea of age.
Keep up the good work with Tobi!
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I feed him a dry kitten food that the pet store recommended only for the first two weeks for a few reasons. After wich we already plan on switching to a premium food. Do you have any brand suggestions?

As for weighing him, Im sure the Vet will do that this Wednesday.

Im glad he eats alot. As long as its healthy for him. I know that kittens grow the most as they sleep (like us) so Im happy his belly is always full when he goes to sleep.

Today marks Tobi's 1 Week anniversary( lol, I knw, its funny) in my house. Last saturday he was scared and hardly came out from under the couch. Now he's an active little guy craving for attention every waking moment. Im happy with my decision to get a cat, and Im glad I ended up with him. As Im sure everyone here feels the same way for their cats!

Thanks for all the help and support, it has made my first Cat Ownership experience much easier and less stressful.
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Kovo---- too sweet. I remember when I first got all my kitties. And the youngest is now 2 oldest is about 9! LOL

ummmmmm there are a few suggestions out there and I can't think of them all. I have heard Nutro as one of the less expesive premium brands, or Walmart carries Maximum natural that is also good.

Main things I was told was to have a protien as first ingredient and NOT a by-product of protein........

when you go to switch his food mix a little of the new with the old, then gradually increase till it is all the new food or it can give him a belly ache.
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Nutro Kitten? Thats what I feed him. But we were gonna switch to Whiskas next week. Dunno, if Nutro is considered Premium, then maybe we wont switch. OR maybe we'll just jazz it up by offering a mix of both brands...I dunno, we shall c.
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nutro is premium and do NOT switch to whiskas! everything I have read on here said that is NOT good stuff! (I used to feed my cats that every now and then, or other "cheap" brands) but it is mostly grains and by-products (basically anything leftover from the animal etc) not REAL protein.........

so still with the nutro kitten or if that is too expensive maybe the one at Walmart is cheaper for you (not sure of the price for the nutro natural). I use the Walmart one since closest petco or petsmart is about 30-40 min from me.......
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