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Hey All! New Love For Cats/Kitty Owner *PIC

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Hey everyone! I was looking for a cat forum since I always join forums for what I have. I came across this this the largest cat forum?

Anywayssss I'm 19 and I was always allergic to many things including cats and dogs and i've always wanted a maltese. I wasn't too fond of cats since I found them sneaky, independant, eerie, and don't seem to come when i call them (like dogs do).

Wellllllll...that changed:

I went to my girlfriend's farm that she had upstate with her fam. and their fam. friends for vacation and the cat had 3 kittens!!! We each picked one up and I fell in love with mine! Shes the most docile outta the 3. I brought her home with me at the end..she's sooo playful and cute! She's my fav pet ever lol.

O yea, and I seem to not be allergic to cats anymore either..since maybe 2 years ago..maybe I'm gettin "immune" to them.. :p

Anyone know how old my cat might be?
What breed is she?
I'm either naming her "Mucca" (Italian for "Cow") or "Bella" since shes beautiful/loves bells..

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Welcome to TCS!!

Your new found friend is quite adorable!! She looks to be between 8-10 weeks old I would say..I'm no expert though I think she is a domestic short hair breed with "cow" colours. I totally could be wrong though, there are alot of more knowledgeable people on this forum.

I'm pretty sure TCS is one of the largest forums online, I think its in the top 40, last time I checked.

Anyway, your kitten is really sweet, and I hope you enjoy it here
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Hi, Sierra, Serenity, and I welcome you to TCS!So glad you joined us and look forward to getting to know you better! What a precious baby! I would be so happy to help you in any way as you learn your way around the site. Please, simply click on my user name and send me a Private Message!
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Welcome to TCS prepare to become addicted... Also we love pictures hint hint

I think your baby could be about 8 weeks tops...IMO
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Thanks a lot guys.
I thought she would be about 4-5 weeks old because thats what the lady of the farm said.

I got a couple more pics i posted in the other section here

and dont worry, i take TONS of pics..I have video too that I'm probably goin to upload once i finish editing a little.

..And I decided to name it Bella. She's already answering to "kitty" 0_0 so i have to change that lol.
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Vets can usually date cats better due to their teeth. She's a cutie!
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Hi Welcome to The Cat Site!
See you on the forums!!!
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Kitty looks to be around 6 weeks old...which is a little younger than usual to be away from should definitely check out our Pregnant Cats/Kittens forum for info on how to care for these babies

As for her breed, well, cat breeds work a lot different than dog breeds. Instead of "mixes" being the result of established breeds reproducing, in the cat world, all the breeds came from just the standard, domestic cat. She's an adorable DSH, which stands for Domestic Short Hair. In my opinion, the best kind of cat...I've got 3 of them!
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Your new kitten is adorable...i remember when my cat was that tiny. They grow so fast. Keep taking pictures....she looks about 8 weeks or so. That's my guess. That's usually when they are ok to leave mommy.
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Welcome to you and Bella We are so glad to have you here and look forward to getting to know you better I can definitely see how Bella was able to capture your heart and change your mind about cats. She is adorable!

If you need any help finding your way around please let me know by sending a private message (just click on my user name). I will be happy to help in any way I can
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Hello and welcome to The Cat Site

Bella is SO cute !! What a fun time!

This is a fun and informative place with tons of friendly people...

You will love it here
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Hello and welcome to TCS.

Your kitten is soooo cute. She looks to be anywhere from 6 to 9 weeks at tops as she is still really small looking. I would also most definately recommend going to the pregnant cat and kitten care forum for help with this young one. Anyways, it was nice to meet you and I hope to get to know you and your kitty better on the other forums soon,

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Congrats on coming to your senses and realizing cats are the best pet to have!!! As for you allergies, I have been allergic to cat for years and years, but certain ones don't bother me as much as being around one a lot does make you a little more immune to them, but you also have to just keep somethings in mind. If rubbing your face on the cats fur sends you sneezing and your eyes swelling shut, don't do that! You can still pet her, and kiss her, but just don't over do it if it does bother you, then make sure you wash your hands and face good if you start having a reaction to stop it as soon as possible!

Enjoy your beautiful moo kitty!!! she is a cutie!!!
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