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Wow!!! I have a 4 year old son!

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It´s unbelievable!!! ....and it seems like he was born last month, or maybe 3 months ago

So, Oliver has a birthday today, and I even think he is bigger than he was yesterday!

We woke him up with a the regular cake-candles-birthday song-presents-thing we do on birthdays.
He got a big fire truck with big stairs, lights, sounds and such (even the possibility to put water in a tank and pump it out through the hose, but he doesnt know that yet )

My parents came over after work, and gave him a shining, new, blue bicycle. We had been taking him to bike shops to find the right bike and he loved to try them at the shops, so boy oh boy was he glad to see one right here by the door
I will have to postpone the birthday party for a while. but then I will make one of the cakes I´ve been making for his birthdays. This time he wants a "Sprotacus" cake, the "hero" from Lazy Town, I dont know if you are familiar with it.

As some news from me...........now times are gonna get better, as I will start my summer holiday at the middle of June, untill the middle of August I look so much forward to a vacation, I really need it. I also look forward to be able to spend more time here!!!

On Monday, I might go for an 8 day trip though, its sort of a study trip for the teachers at the school, but also quite some fun things as well. If I go, I will be going to London first, just for a day, then to Slovakia, then to Austria, then to Hungary and Slovenia, quite interesting places!!!

I might be able to come for the get-together in Leeds, it was on July 8th, right?
We are trying to scedule our travels this summer around this get-together, so that would be great!!!

Thats if from me for now........I look forward to spend more time here!
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Sounds like your son had a wonderful birthday! I can just picture his wonderful joy at discovering his presents.

Your planned holiday sounds amazing. All those countries in 8 days! Wow, to live in Europe!
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Awe, kids grow up too fast. Sounds like he had a great birthday and lots of love.

My son is going to be 31/2 in july. I totally know what you mean by thinking they were born yesterday!!

Has your son started pre-k? I think my son will start next year, after christmas, when he is 4.

What grade do you teach?? ( I am going into my second year of education to be a teacher)

I hope you get some rest on your vacation and have a wonderuful time.
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Happy birthday, Oliver!
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Hi Sesselja! It's go good to see you!

Happy Birthday to Oliver!! Sounds like he had a great birthday!
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awww they grow up so fast...
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