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I Love My Hubby!

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I know I know- it sounds cheesy and all- BUT, considering what have happened to our family over the last weekend, I just feel the need to share my feelings with you guys!
Our family is not big ( yet): me, my husband, our first baby-cat MISHKA, and our second baby Gabriella- her due is in 6 weeks!
We just bought a new house ( which we don't think we can afford with me not working ) and my husband is the only source of income right now.
Few days ago we discovered, that our cat ate robber bands and in need of a surgery. Ironicly, all regular hospitals were closed - and the emregency animal hospital wanted so much money for the surgery- we just could not afford it - I KNEW IT and deep down my heart I also knew- I WILL FIND THE MONEY on my own or with hubby help, I already had a plan in my head- to whom to call and ask to borrow me some money. i also knew I would be in big troubles for doing that- but my baby's health was more important. Hubby went on and on about- this is not the right time for Mishka to get sick and that is all my fault, i should not leave robber bands just laying around ( the thing is it is hard for me to see what is going on beneith my belly! I can not even see my own toes!!!! ) He picked him up from the hospital and said- we'll have to come up with other idea....
Well, little that I know- HE HAD A PLAN AS WELL! He called his parents first and asked, if they won't mind us borrowing their credit card for this emergency situation. They supported us all the way! Then he went on line and searched for a really good hospital, that would not overcharge us for this surgery- he found one that is an hour away from us, called and made an oppointment!

Right now our baby is recovering from the surgery- and for some reason today he would not eat. I caled the vet and they said- we better bring him back for the check up! I called my hubby in fear. I thought he'll say something- we spend enough money on this pet, this is getting really ridiculos or something like that.. BUT NO!!!!! He told me to calm down and to not worry, he will be home in an hour and we all can go to the hospital. He is sure everything is going to be great, and Mishka just reacting that way cause he had a major surgery and now that he is healing- it hurts a little bit! I feel so embarassed, that I thought of my hubby as a cat-hater! ( Mishka was a gift from my hubby to me, but still, he always mentions that Mishka IS MINE! not his.. lol ) Well, not cat hater, but at least not the person who takes a responsibility for a shelter annimal. You know what I mean? Some guys are just this way. Someone at work told my hubby - just gave your pet antifreeze- that will knock him down in no time.. and guess what? My hubby almost knocked that guy down... lol
Well, you got my point! I think my hubby deserves some pride and hugs and kisses! He is going to be an incredible father to our daughter!
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He does sound like he will make a great daddy! He's obviously a good kitty-daddy and husband. You are a lucky lady
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Thank you!
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You are a very lucky lady to have such a sweet man in your life!
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What a keeper! youre so lucky!
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I knew he was special when I read your post for help. I loved the way he just took charge and also supported you. He will be a great father.

I wish your little family lots of luck for the future.
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He sounds like my hubby. LOL.

Congrats for the baby!!!
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