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flea comb or other suggestions

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I have several brushes and combs from previous animals, but I don't know what a flea comb looks like in order to tell it apart. I just washed my kitten with organic flea shampoo and all her fleas are dead but I am having trouble pulling them off of her. Any suggestions???
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A flea comb is just a comb with very, very fine and closely spaced teeth. If she tolerates a dryer you can blow them off. Or pick them off like a chimpanzee

Watch and make sure they are dead- I've seen fleas that were just stunned by flea shampoo that reanimated after they dried out.
Don't laugh. When I teach new groomers this is always a fun demonstration!
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I remember when we had my old cat on advantage, the fleas would fall off of him and then we would crush them with a nail file...Ew, it was gross, but it was funny too because they were all stunned.
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A flea comb has very narrow spaced teeth in them - almost looks "solid" - its also smaller then a normal comb. I bought one at a cat show as I feel it does a better job in grooming SH cats. Plus IF they ever get any flea on them (never have) it would catch it.
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On the same lines....

After I give the kittens a flea bath, should I brush them and then rinse out the brush?

Cause maybe that's the problem.

But also.....you can't get the flea shampoo near their eyes right, and that's where the fleas all head when I gave them a bath the last time...what do I do?

I don't even understand how they go fleas.

Neither of them EVER go outside. We don't have a dog. I wonder if fleas lay dormant in carpets or something. Cause the people that rented this place before had a dog.
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If your cats are not going outside and you have no dog, then the fleas are in the carpets. Fleas only spend about 10% of their life ON the animal - rest of the time is laying eggs in the carpets.

Too much washing with flea shampoos can harm your pet. I'd consider flea bombing the house or getting a professional to do it.

Keep the pets out of the house during this time. Then get a flea comb and use it but you shouldn't have to continue washing your kittens.
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What kind of stuff should we use to fleam bomb out house, or in my case my room. She hasn't left it except in her carrier. We are going to the vet on Tuesday so hopefully they will put her on flea meds.
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Why put your cat on flea prevention meds if he's not an outside cat? You need to work on eliminating the fleas from the house - they are not just in one room.

Check with the vet for house elimination or Petsmart, etc. for best recommendations.

IMO I don't believe in giving cats a lot of medications. Fleas are not that hard to get rid of. In fact, we have 2 inside cats and one dog - the dog gets BioSpot (from Foster/Smith) and we have NEVER had a flea on her or in the house. Our cats are not on any kind of flea meds - if I ever would find them, I have a flea comb that works very well
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A flea comb is a tiny, very narrow toothed comb that can be picked up almost at any pet store for a resonable price. Any pet store (Petco, Super petz, PetSmart, or Wal-mart employee will be able to show you where to find them. They're relatively cheap and work wonders! (about $3 -$5.) What you do when you get the flea comb is fill a bowl up with very hot, soapy water (dish soap works best) and run the comb down the kitty's fur. Each time you run the comb over the cat, you must place it in the soapy water afterwards to get the dead fleas and feces off the comb so as not to spread it throughout the kitty's fur. The soapy water will kill the fleas and prevent them from escaping into your house. You have to make sure you comb every possible part of the kitty.It sounds tedious, but it really goes relatively fast if you can keep the kitty calm while you groom him with the flea comb. be sure to go over every inch of the cat including it's privates, behind and above it's ears, it's hindlegs and under it's chin. After you flea comb the kitty, then bath it to get rid of the soap residue, normal cat shampoo should be fine since you've already given it a flea bath. Then after the kitty is dry i would go to the vet and buy some Feline Frontline or Feline Advantage to put on them ( the cheaper brands do not work well and can cause more harm than good, so it's worth the investment). Be sure the cat does not get wet up to 3 days after you put the flea treatment on the nape of their necks. After that, they should be good and flea free! Good luck!
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