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this one is alittle weird.

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My female kitten is having a bit of a problem. this is alittle weird..... her butt stinks. and not like poo (which would make sence to me). it's almost a rotten smell... I don't know what to do.... the only thing I can think of is she was dewormed on friday.
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Well, worming often causes diarrhea which can smell pretty foul. Or it could be anal sac discharge.
I'd clean her up as best I could and see if it persists.
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Well I tried to clean it up alittle. but it didn't seem to work. I don't know what to do?
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Is she spayed??? If not she may have an infection in her lady-bits which needs medical attention right now.
If she is, it could be from the worming but I think that would make her have stinky poo and not just a stinky butt. Are you sure she has no wounds around the same area (an infected wound will smell very very bad)?
It could also be the anal sac discharge.
How long has it been going on?
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she is not spayed. but we were at the vet on friday and they got a good check up. it's been going on for 2 days that I know of. and it isn't at all a poo smell... it smells like it is rotten I don't know how else to decribe it.
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Please get her spayed, for one. It is better for her health (reduces risk of cancer, life-threatening infections, and the stress on the body of constantly going into heat), and better for cats in general because you then have a guarantee that she won't have litters when we have more cats than homes already.

Have you checked her over very very well for any possible wounds? Keep in mind that often they heal on the surface and trap the bacteria inside creating an abcess, which needs vet care.

Is she licking herself anywhere more than usual? Do you see any discharge coming from anywhere?
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For one you can't spay a 10 week old (she may be up to 12 weeks) kitten. atleast no one in this town will do it. and yes I have check for all of that. trust me I was looking at her before I even posted this.
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is she the only kitten? I was asking cause 3 years ago I had 3 kitten litter mates and one got bit on the pe/nis(not sure if that gets blanked out..) anyway I didnt know at time but started smelling the same smell as when my other cat had abcess ion his ear..so I checked him out and took him to vet for antibiotics(hey I wasn't messing around with THAT LOL) Hes fine and suffered none the worse. Obviously with a girl its a bit different RJ
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Maybe you should call the vet and ask... Did the smell go away yet..
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You didn't say how young she was, forgive me, and you can spay them that young but unfortunately few doctors will do it. I had to wait till mine was six months old too but luckily she didn't go into heat first!

Since you've apparently thought of everything we can, I second a call to the vet just to ask him, if it is actually her that smells and not her poo.
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Have you had her anal glands checked?
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