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Opie, Rowdy & Ike

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We seemed to have reached detente. Opie ignores Ike. Rowdy has decided to play with him. However, SHE chooses the game and makes the rules. When playing "tag", Rowdy is, always IT. We had a problem, with Ike: he likes to "snack" out of the litter box. Aside from the disgusting nature of this habit, he spreads litter all over the place. The litter box is in the laundry room. I had Bill cut a kitty door into the laundry room door, so that we can keep it closed. This was an immediate hit! It gives Rowdy another place to lay in wait for a victim to jump on. I don't know WHY dogs engage in coprophagia. Ike is the second one that I've had do this. NOW, Bill understands why I don't want doggie kisses.
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Ah, to have the life of a kitten. That's great that Ike is willing to put up with being played with all the time.

I don't know why dogs do that either. YUK! I think I read the answer at one point. I know they roll in yuks to bring the scent back to their pack. Maybe it's something along those same lines...they eat the waste products of other, especially smaller, animals to show the pack where to hunt. (Sounds good, right?)
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