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kittens mad at me????

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Ok I have 2 kittens I got recently (about 2-3 weeks ago) and before I had even got them I had planned a trip to the upper peninsula (I live in michigan) and wasn't going to cancel do to the kittens so I got my little bro to take care of them. When I got home there litter boxes were full! and they had no food. now I was only gone for 2 nights (3days) and my bro says he came here on sunday morning and everything was fine and he played with them and gave them attention.
Here is my question. Could they be mad at me for leaving? neither of them will sit by me. before we left they followed me around and begged for my attention. I don't really think they are mad because they both still come to me. but no more sleeping on my lap I give them treats and they come take them and love the petting. But why won't they sit with me anymore?
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First you need to find another Pet sitter - your "little bro" is irresponsible. The litter box should have been clean and food and water replentished.

Second they did not have time to form that strong of a bond with you before you left. So you have to start from scratch. Give them lots of TLC - sit with them, talk to them, continue with the treats - they will come to you in there own good time.
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I have already realized he was a bad idea. and do not plan to do it again. But I did tell him he didn't have to come over on monday. but I figured he did more on sunday then he did.
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Glad to hear. You and your babies will be fine - just be patient and give them time with you!!!
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