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What do I do now?

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Ophelia has been with me for 4 months now. Ophelia, Twitch, & Lily met 3 1/2 months ago. Ophelia kept trying to kill Twitch, but Twitch asserted herself & now they hiss/growl/swat at each other, but neither ends up hurt.

The problem? Ophelia & Lily both injured each other this morning. I actually took Lily to the vet to find out if she needed stitches. She just has a deep gash on her side. Lily bit Ophelia, too. All Ophie got is a cut on her ear, though. They are nbw both on Clavamox for 10 days, just to be safe.

I cannot have Ophelia & Lily in the same room together. They fight. It really isn't fair. Lily doesn't know how to fight, she just rins & tries to hide. Ophelia more than likely had to fight for her life, she is visciously trying to attack Lily.

What do I try next? I've got Ophie free run in the basement, & Twitch & Lily are free run upstairs. Lily comes through the basement with me at night to go to my bedroom where she sleeps. She growls & snarls the moment I approach the door to go downstairs. Either way, no matter where I take the cats to do a meet-n-greet, they are in each other's territory. I have been avoiding buying any Feliway as I get a little check once a month, but I have now saved up the $30 to buy it. I can get it from the vet tomorrow. Do you think it would work in a situation like this? I have tried tons of different things that I read on here & elsewhere, but nothing seems to work. I live in fear that either Ophelia or Lily will get through the stair door & no one will notice, they will really hurt each other.

Lily is naturally a submissive timid cat, Ophelia is naturally a dominant cat, Twitch is naturally a dominant cat. Twitch actively asserted her dominance over Ophelia & they do OK now. Lily runs & tries to hide, which brings Ophie into attack mode. Lily gets cornered & Ophie rips into her. I put my hand in the fight, thinking they wouldn't hurt me. I only got bit twice by Ophelia. She was a flurry of anger, IMO. It's like she has a vengencae against other cats. When it's just her & me, she is so sweet, loves being petted & playing, she acts just like a kitten. When she catches sight of Lily, she goes into attack mode. I guess I just don't understand the kitty mind. All I want is for them to be in the same room without harming each other, I can live with them hissing & growling, just no blood.
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It sounds as if things have gotten bad enough (and dangerous enough) that it is time for you to consult with an animal behaviorist. You can find them in most large cities. In the meantime, I think you are very wise to keep them separated.

I wish you luck with getting Ophelia to mellow out.
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