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Hello from a new member

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Hi Everyone,
I am so pleased to find this site. To come somewhere where I can talk about my cats with like minded people is wonderful.
I have two cats, one is a red cameo Persian called Pablo who is 18 months old, and the other is a cream British Shorthair called Harley who is 14 months. They are both very affectionate and are great company. The antics they get up to has us crying with laughter at times, their favourite thing is to thunder around the house at night like two fairy elephants calling to each other. The Persian trills and calls to Harley all the time, he acts like his Mother.We all love them very much and can't imagine what life was like without them here.
They are house cats as we live in a built up area with fast roads nearby, and we occasionaly have a panic when one gets out, but usually they havn't gone far and are glad to come back in again.
Glad to be here and I look forward to hearing from some of you.
love Silvie x
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Greetings and welcome, Silvie!

Lots to see and do here! Enjoy!

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Hi, Silvie. It's so nice to have you and your kitties at the CatSite! Aren't they fun? Of course, the house will never be the same, but.... I hope you had fun during the Golden Jubilee!
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Welcome to TCS! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do here. I hope to see you post often and I look forward to hearing some of your cat stories.
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Welcome to the site! It's great to find a place to brag about our kitties without the non-cat people thinking we are nuts. We may all be nuts, but we are all nuts together here! LOL
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I hope you find this site as educational and entertaining as I do. The pictures posted throughout the board are precious and worth browsing through and looking at. It is so nice to find a community of people that love cats as much as I do. Welcome aboard
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Welcome welcome Silvie!! This is a fantastic site with lots of great people!
I live in Leicester so I'm not tooooooo far from you (Well, ok, I'm not exactly close.... but.... :laughing: )
Glad you found this site and hope to see you posting often!

And don't listen to Heidi/valanhb - we're all quite sane here you know!! :LOL: (thats what we tell ourselves anyway...)
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Oh, yes, Bodlover, we all know that you're fine, perfectly fine. Now, just sit down and have a nice cup of tea. Yes, we all believe you're perfectly normal--well, at least as normal as the rest of us!!
Now, put your shoes on and try to make a good impression on our latest members!
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Hi Everyone, Silvie here

What a lovely bunch of folks you are, you have made me feel very at home here .Thank you for all your welcome messages , I know I am going to have fun reading all your posts and making some of my own. I have included a picture of Harley in this post, I'm sure he thinks he is human !! I have tried to find a really good picture of Pablo the Persian, but all you can see in most of them is a big pair of eyes and fur. I will have to take some more just for you.

Goodbye for now, from me and Harley and Pablo XXX

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Silvie, I'd like to see your babies, but I'm just getting a red x in a square. Could you try again to post the pictures?
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Dear Jeanie,

Those who know me well will not be surprised that 'technophobia'
has struck again and I have failed to post a picture LOL.
I would be very grateful for a few tips on how to do this. I have managed to post pictures in emails but this is a bit different.
Thanking you in anticipation.......grovel....grovel.

cheers Silvie
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I had a hard time with this at first also
You just have to make sure that the photo that your uploading from your computer is less than 33k and no larger than 400x400. Just play with it until you get the hang of it. Welcome to the board
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Hello and welcome! I hope you enjoy this site as much as I do!!!!!
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Hi! The UK posse is growing!!

I'm from Reading, and lived for 6 months in New Yatt when I worked in for a design company in Witney.

For all of you who don't know, Witney is a just the prettiest Cotswold town with honey coloured stone cottages - in fact even the shopping mall has been built in matching stone.

Silvie - I've also got 2 persians and a recently acquired stray british shorthair.

Keep posting, nice to have you here.

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Silvie, Since I am computer challenged, Lorie and I asked for a computer thread that will stay put-called a stickie. Ask for help there too if you need it!
Yola, don't make me drool! I so want to visit the U.K. My family is there! And so is Bodlover, one of the people who welcomed Silvie. I have "adopted" her across the miles. I give her a very hard time, though, because it's fun.
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Yeah... I give as good as I get though!! :tounge2: hhahaha....Now c'mon Jeanie.. you promised to read me a story.... with cookies and milk too..... :laughing:
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