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I Need Help!!!

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Ok my pregnant kitty has a little bit of greenish colored mucos*sp* done comig out down there. She is almost due to have her babies. Is this normal?
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Sorry about the gammer and the wording in my last post. I was a little freaked out. I called a vet and they said to keep an eye on her, and if there are no babies by this time tomorrow then bring her in. They think that this is probably part of her labor process.
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you poor thing, i would be worried too, i hope shes allright, and has nice big fat healthy babies soon big huggs
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Remember to breathe!!! I'm glad you called the vet they always have the right answers!!
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Jada passed a glob of mucus just a few hours before giving birth! Babies soon!!
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Well I ended up making an appointment for her tomorrow just in case the babies don't come tonight. Always be prepaered......
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Pokey if you need to look at the pictures skittle had mucus also and hr later had babies... Just keep an eye on her good and get her safe... If there is a dark room low or no nose she will love that...
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Right now she is locked in my bedroom. I have no where dark for her, so I opened the closet for her. In the closet I put one of those under the bed boxes made by rubbermade (the short ones), that way I know she can get in and out of it easily. I thought she had a few small contractions last night, but she is not having any today. I think her milk is comimg in, but she is not leaking any. Besides the mucus and the milk she is showing no other signs. She is still eating and drinking from what I can tell. I guess it is just the waiting game.
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Oh yeah and she seems to be carrying the babies lower. Her tummy is hanging lower I mean.
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Good Job she is getting ready
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I hope so.....
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Well still no change in Cloe. Hopefully something might happen after the kids go to bed......I am keeping my fingers crossed.....
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Hopefully things happen soon!!!
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well I think midnight is a good time
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Well I will probably be awake, my husband is out of town still and I don't sleep well when he isn't here. I f anything happens I will post it.
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Well, no babies....We will go to the vet this morning and see what he has to say. I will keep you all posted as to what he said.
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please do. I am curiouse... Try not to go the c-section route if you dont have too please..
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