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She did it!

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Well as I have been saying one of my cats had her kittens under my porch. Well, I tried 2ce to get her to come indoors and she wasn't having it. Well, she came to the door with a kitten in her mouth and took it to the place I had set up for her. She had 3 total. One is with the black cat and the other two is with her. They both were wet and cold but now both fluffy and warm.

Now here is my problem Bonnie(the black cat) keeps trying to take them and the other cat is kinda acting like she doesn't want them. If she does not take care of them by tonight, would it be safe to give them to Bonnie? Need help!
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Is Bonnie nursing? How many kittens does she have and how old are they?

Sorry if you have answered this questions before.
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Thats ok. Yes she is nursing 4 of her own and one of the other cats kittens so 5. She keeps trying to take the other two but I won't let her. Ther other mom cat is with them now. I'm giving her some privacy.

Both cats had thier kittens within 2 days of eachother if memory serves me right.
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Can you somehow confine either or both moms with their respective litters? Put one of them in a bathroom with the door shut and one in a laundry room or something?

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awwww i really really hope it works out for them, poor babies.
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Bonnie has her kittens in my 4 yr. olds closet and the other cat and her two kittens are in my room under the dresser(the only spot that stays dark when I turn on a light). The bathroom is too small and serves as my laundry room. I am trying to keep my bedroom closed when the momma cat is not in there.
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Well it sounds like you have an interesting situation. I know that Bonnie should be able to handle the extra kittens. Make sure Bonnie has all the extra food and water she wants. Whether she should have the kittens or not I don't know.
Bonnie does feel like they belong to her if she is continuing to go after the last two kittens. It has to be stressful for her as well feeling like she is missing kittens.

I hope someone with more experience comes along with advise.
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Yea I feel bad for her but I can't just take them from the other cat. But I will say the time Bonnie spends with her kittenss is bout the time the other cat doesn't spend with hers.
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Do you mean that the other cat is leaving the kittens?
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Well, she is with them right now but I have to coax her or pet a kitten so she can hear it crying, but I did just have to coax her on her side so they could feed. They have only been in the house for a cpl hours so I am hoping she is just trying to get use to it.
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If the new mom looks to be abandoning the kittens I would let Bonnie have them. That is just my opinion.

Hopefully it's just her trying to adjust to the house.
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If she does keep leaving them then yes maybe Bonnie can help them... DOe they look like a good weight or they cold... Is there bellies full..
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They look to be in good shape and I think it was just being in a new surounding. She has been with them for over an hour or so now.
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