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My baby is going...

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Hi, I have posted a few messages before in other forums about my sweet angel, Fiona. She's the sweetest kitty I've ever known! She has been stricken with FIP after just one year of life. She hasn't eaten for 3 days now and is extremely unresponsive. I feel guilty for selfishly keeping her with me for so long, but I think tomorrow will be the day I release her to be free again. I just couldn't face the truth. I am so devastated, the tears will not stop, but I cannot see her get worse everyday. At times I wonder, am I making the right decision? What if she is not ready to go? I have to call the vet still, but as long as they can get me in tomorrow, we will go. I can't stand this! I have lost pets before, but none has hurt so bad as losing Fiona...
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I'm so sorry about Fiona. She had a truly lovely life with you though it was short. She brought you great joy and that it why it hurts so much. I know that you will do what is best.

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I'm so sorry to hear about your dearest Fiona.
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i am really really sorry to hear about your poor Fiona.
It is hard to loose a loved one, but it is a relief to know they aren't suffering and are free in a nice place.
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Oh sweetie i'm so very sorry What a horrible time this must be for you From what you've said i think you know in your heart of hearts, especially when she hasn't ate for 3 days

Have a word with the vet and come straight back and tell us because were here for you
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Call the vet and make the appointment. Then go sit with Fiona. Look in her eyes and listen to what she is saying. As hard as it is for us to say goodbye, sometimes it is just time. If she cannot eat, and is somewhat non-responsive, and has FIP which we know is incurable, she IS ready.

Horrible horrible disease...and it is truly tragic when it strikes a young kitty! However, she may be suffering, or will be soon. She can see the vet tomorrow, and they will help you decide. I believe the vet will say her time is now. Maybe you can have a friend go with you as support.

I clearly remember my Mattie's passing, at the vets. She was very weak and ill from the FIP, and she just gently rested her head on her outstretched paws, and was gone. Of course I burst into tears, but at least she was at peace! I'm glad I didn't wait any longer than I did...although if I could have held her for another day or another week I certainly would have.

You can do this. Feel free to cry, it is a very sad time. And when it is done, you can begin to dry your tears. Maybe make a memory book with pics of Fiona. Or cast a clay pawprint to keep forever. Maybe even dip her little paw in paint, and keep her in that way. Or plant a tree in her memory. There are a lot of ways to honor a great pet that has provided you with love.

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Originally Posted by Beckiboo
Then go sit with Fiona. Look in her eyes and listen to what she is saying.
I agree with this - just look in her eyes and she will tell you I am so sorry that you & Fiona are going through this, its never an easy decision but your putting her feelings in front of your own and Fiona will forever thankyou enough

we are all here for you during this time
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I am so sorry you have to go through this but it is our responsibility as pet owners and Fiona knows you have given her everything and now she needs you to let her go. You are a wonderful Mommy to her and she will never forget you.
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I am so sorry. *hugs*
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Sweety I am sooo very sorry - she knows how much you love her and she will be with you always.
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I am so sorry to hear about you baby.

Do what you feel is best for her. I can't imagine what it is like.

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I am very sorry, this really must be heartwrenching for you. I know you'll do the right thing for her, you will know what to do when she looks at you.

Oh goodness though, I know it will be hard and we are here for you.
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Today, I had to make the painful decision to let my little Fiona go. I could not watch, it was too hard, but the vet said she went very easily and peacefully. My precious angel finally got her wings and I know she is now happily running with all the other sweet kitties. I thank everyone for their sympathy and support, it truly means a lot to me! RIP baby Fiona! I'll love you forever!
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I am so sorry that Fiona is gone. Be gentle on yourself the next few days!

Rest in peace, little angel! You are now restored to full health, and can happily explore your new home over the Rainbow Bridge! Mattie and Smudge and lots of other fine TCS kitties will help you find your way around!
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Bless her little heart

Fiona is with all the other cats and kittens over the bridge now, and rest assured she'll be well looked after until you see her again

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