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Wednesday's DT

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Happy pay day to me! Happy pay day to me! Happy pay day dear me, happy pay day to me! Sorry - but I really am happy it is pay day today. I am in desparate need of new runners. It is raining today and my shoes are leaking! I hope everyone is having a good day. Congrats to team USA on beating Puerto Rico in World Cup soccor today 3 to 2. What is everyone up to today. With the cool temps and rain I feel like I just want to curl up in bed with a cat or two, and a book! Unfortunately I have to work and earn money for cat food or the cats will disown me.
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I'm off, today!! Work, tomorrow and, then have a 3-day weekend. The menagerie is as crazy as usual. Rowdy is on top of the monitor, making sure that I don't write anything derogatory about her. Our big forest fire is on the wane. They managed to protect all of the houses and businesses, up there. However, the forest is closed until we get rain. Our rainy season doesn't start until July. This may kill the Mt. Lemmon businesses. Happy hump day!
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The rain has gone away, but at least it isn't 90+ anymore.

Nothing much going on here. Ady - I pretty much always want to just stay in bed with the kitties and a good book! :LOL:
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Originally posted by valanhb
Ady - I pretty much always want to just stay in bed with the kitties and a good book! :LOL:
Too true - and I am in the middle of really good fantasy series right now and I don't want to stop reading!
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Heidi, I think the rain you guys had is now visiting us here in Cleveland. Thank god it's Wednesday.

We're still fighting with the company who sold us our new piece of equipment. We were told one thing by two people and something entirely different by a third person. What it ends up is before the trainer can come and train us, we have to do her prep work for her. Grrr ! So, my boss is trying to get us free chemicals for our inconvenience

I hope everyone has a good day. Two days til Friday!
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For me, same old same old! I worked hard yesterday I actually accomplished a great feat yesterday! Something I was not able to do! I got the vault(place where they keep cold beverages), completely stocked with beer and soda!!! I have never been able to do it because I cannot find a certain beer or soda. Yesterday, I was able to find most anything. Only two where missing, boxes of Heineken and bottles of the Blue Sky. And when I try to stock the beer, people always come and takes some when I just barely put the products in stock. But yesterday when I left, the beer and soda sections were completely faced and the shelves full! I don't know what is it with the Natural and Natural Ice. But we have shelves in the vault, in the store, and a big stackful of them in the back room. And guess what??? They fired the manager's son. Either that or he quit. Either way, he is gone! I don't have to hear his whining anymore. I guess the manager's boss,aka the big boss, didn't put up with Dan's rudeness, and cold, unfriendly attitude. So now it is peaceful and quiet!
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Ahhh yes... today is Wednesday.... first day at work for me this week!!! Bliss.... a nice three day week...... Well, its rainy and horrible and cold here today.... great, I (being the idiot I am)thought it was going to be nice and warm and sunny... hence, no coat, no tights, (open toe sandals) and no umbrella..... still, I wn't have far to walk tonight as hubby is picking me up in the new car!! YEY! But then I have to go to the gym... poo.....:laughing:
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Poor Rhea. At least you don't have to wait for the bus in the cold and rain. So, what kind of car did Sam get? I so wish that I could get a new car. Mine will be paid off by September. Yeah! Hubby is selling his 98 4Runner so he can get a smaller car-probably Toyota Camry.
Time has flown by for me this morning. Thank goodness. At least its better than yesterday and I'm not bored out of my mind.

Yesterday I had quite a scare-actually 2 scares. I took a Stacker 3 in the morning before I went to work b/c it keeps me awake and gives me energy. Anyways, I was feeling weird all day and sometimes my heart would start to race. I didn't really think much of it until I was driving home and I couldn't breath and my heart started beating really fast. I didn't know what it was from, then hubby figured out that it was b/c of the Stacker pill that I took. Well, I slept from 6:30 to 10:30 and I was fine. Ok, now for the other scare...sorry this is SO long.
Since I couldn't sleep anymore after 10:30, I decided to fix the light switch in my bathroom. Well I took the cover off and went to pull it from the hole in the wall to see if there were any loose wires and stupid me forgot to turn the power off and there was a big pop and some sparks flew out of it. To make a long story short, I had shorted the curcuit and half of the electricity went out in my house and I couldn't get it turned back on. So, I had no electricity last night for that half of the house and I had to go to Home Depot at 6:15am to buy a new switch unit. Not to mention that I had to take a shower almost in complete darkness! :LOL: All I had was a flashlight that I proped up on the ledge of the shower. Hubby came home and thankfully replaced the old one and fixed it.
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no more rain today thankfully! My sump is running non stop, the basement is slowly unflooding itself. meanwhile the kitties and I are relaxing upstairs in the NON-flooded part! LOL! Luna and Isis REALLY want to go downstairs but I think until the mess is cleaned up, they can stay upstairs. it is my day off but it is overcast so no outdoor working for me. Lord, I hope we get no more rain. We had flood warnings all day yesterday and I can't wait for the yucky hot sticky days of summer to finally get here.
But at least so far, the kitties can go out on the porch to watch anything that might be out there. so they are content(for now LOL!)
I hope we can get rid of most of the water in our basement today. S/O is getting a wet/dry vac from his mom when he gets off work to help with the cleaning. what strange weather we are having this year...
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It is hot here, and very humid. It's been looking to rain all day, and I wish it would get it over with and cool us down.

I am so happy today. :flash: It was our last student day. I have to go in tomorrow and pack up some things, since I'm moving to another classroom. After that, freedom (well, I'm teaching summer school for 3 weeks.) It is such a relief, I am tired and so are my colleagues.

Time to catch up on my reading. Happiness.
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Bren - a lot of people think that teachers have it easy with the whole summer break thing. Having been a teacher for a mere 1 1/2 years, I fully realize that teachers deserve 3 months off for the summer! If anyone ever says that teachers have an easy job, I'll backhand 'em one for ya.

Congrats on making it through to summer!
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Heidi, Thanks for the backup Whenever my friends get on my case about the whole summer off, I ask if they want my job. Usually the response is a look of horror and a comment along the lines of "Heck NO!" Then they leave me alone.

The truth is, many of my fellow teachers are taking classes this summer, so it's not all fun and beers. I am just glad for the sleeping in, and reading time.

Speaking of which, Ady, what series are you reading? I am always on the lookout for new books.
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Originally posted by bren.1

Speaking of which, Ady, what series are you reading? I am always on the lookout for new books.
It is an amazing fantasy series by George R Martin. the books are "A Game of Thrones", "A Clash of Kings" and "A Storm of Swords". I had read the 1st 2 over a year ago, but now that the 3rd is out I wanted to start from the beginning again and it is well worth it!
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