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Introducing dry food to kittens....options?

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Hi, Maia is a small 9 1/2 weeks old and a hunger monster! When we got her she was on milk replacement for kits about 2-3 days, she was a skin and bones, runt of the litter. Then over 2-3 days I started her on Nutro, Natural Choice kitten soft food, which she loves!! She is a bit finicky and has had a cople sick spells, diareah and vomiting 2 different occasions though I do not think has anything to do with food. She is a monster food beggar so I figured feeding her smaller amounts more often is better considering her background.....
A week ago I tried to introduce her to dry food, when I felt she finally had teeth to try it..., Notro Gourmet Classics kitten dry, she hated it, will not even go there!

Was looking for some opinions in options for a beggar, finicky, loved, kitten to try...?

Thankyou, Maia
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Canned or wet food is actually better for your kitties with dry food just for snacking on between meals. We recently tried the Royal Canin dried food for Bijou and Mika (for during the day when we aren't home) and they loved it. You might want to try that.
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Try the natural choice dry it is closer to the wet in flavor... oh and you may want to moisten it with some warm water...
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I only found the Nutro Gourmet dry hopeing that would be similar.....I will look for Natural Choice. I do want to keep her on wet, but not as much as she eats! She needs a snack dry....Thanks...anymore ideas would be greatly appreciated!
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I was fairly impressed with Royal Canin babycat (not kitten) food. They are the softest kibbles on the market right now.

My cats currently eat Drs Foster & Smith kitten food. It is extremely pricey, but they have occasional sales and I stocked up when they had sales & free shipping. I later found out that I had a coupon for $5 off, also. I was pretty mad at myself for not using it when I ordered.

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Thats what I think I need for her, a healthy soft kibble food, thanks!
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