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What kind of solid food for 4-5 week old kittens?

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The kittens are doing great and are 4 1/2 weeks old now! They just started using their litterbox in the last day or two, but when I put out soft cat food they have no interest in it... I keep hard kitten food out for Momma all day long. What should I be feeding the babies? and how much? They are still nursing.
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Maybe try the kibble for kittens.. If it si wet food is it like KMR mush... Try adding some tuna juice to it... The smellier the better
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Try human baby food in chicken flavour, my kitties loved it. Or mix kmr with canned food to make it soupy.
Don't be suprised if they don't take to it right away, just keep offering it and they will soon pick it up.
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My kitten LOVES chicken flavored baby food. It's the only thing he eats that he crawls into the dish with and starts pawing around to try and find more once he's done.

Mine didn't take to canned right away but he liked the kibbles softened in water.
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we used to always start our kittens on baby food, then moved to canned then add in dry.
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excuse me for sounding a bit dumb here,but when you say chicken baby food,is that the one with vegetables in?
(I know it cant include onion)

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I started mine on dry kitten food with some kmr, i micowaved kittenfood in water till soft, cooled it, added kmr in water too it, and fed them that, they loved it, within about a week they were onto hard food to, soft food just isnt much for cutting teeth
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no not the one with veggies. the stage 1 little jars of just chicken and broth. NO onions or veggies.
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The tiny jars on the top shelf...
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Thanks for the ideas! One of the kittens eats the kitten food just softened with water, but the others aren't interested, but I'll just keep offering and see what happens... Do I need to mix in KMR even though they are nursing? and I'll try the chicken baby food, I think I even have some in the house
They can't choke or anything by eating the hard kitten food though can they? I mean if that's what they insist on eating should I just let well enough be?
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if that is what they are eating it should be fine. most kitten foods are made small enough that they can't choke on it.
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Yeah I am having a similar problem. I am attempting to foster for the first time. I picked up 4 kittens about 4-5 weeks old with no mother. Of the four only one takes to the dry science diet which I added some water to to soften. This one also takes to the kmr by itself. The other three just ignore it. I would assume they would be hungry by now especially since the one chowed down on the dry.

I have tried with kitten wet food and with kmr mixed in. They aren't taking to it even with some of techniques that worked for my mom in the past such as putting a little on your finger and touching it to their nose/mouth. I also tried touching their face to the kmr and wet but no interest other than one of them that tries to bury the food.

Maybe I will pick up some baby food to try.
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