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that's the sweet day when we first met

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hello everyone. i would like to read true stories of how cats/kittens enter the lives of humans *unexpectedly* and how they melt the human hearts they cross paths with.

for example, there was one airport worker in Ohio (USA) who found a kitten "hitchhiker" stowed away in the wheel well of an airplane. the plane came from North Carolina! the worker did not adopt the kitten but his co-worker did

so it is a very sweet story and nearly perfect (had the worker adopted the kitten)

it would be nice to receive email about similar real life accounts

bye for now
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This is a great idea - and I hope you do not mind if I move it to the Lounge forum....you will get LOTS of responses there! I will tell you my story later today! Have to go to work and 8 kitties takes a lot of writing!
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One day after work, I was up at the grocery store when I ran into my neighbor who lives across the hall from me. He asked me for advice, because he and one of the workers in the coffee shop of the first floor of my building had found a cat in our basement. The girl from the coffee shop had seen it hanging around the dumpsters out back, and guessed it had snuck in when they had the door propped open.

When we got back, there was this skinny, ragged black and white cat sitting in our back hallway. The coffee shop girl was petting it, and it was rubbing up against her and purring up a storm. She had to go back to the shop, so I sat with the cat while my neighbor got a plate to put the food on. The cat climbed into my lap, snuggled down and purred, and then fell asleep. We had to wake it up to feed it.

There had recently been an expose in the local news about a local shelter, that was killing hundreds of cats and kittens. Neither my neighbor nor I wanted to take the cat to the shelter, fearing it too would be killed. He couldn't keep it, because he is allergic. So, I agreed to keep it while we tried to find it's owner.

That night, after settling down in my apartment, the cat climbed into bed and slept with me all night. Next day, I was busy picking names, and my neighbor suggested Ivo (which is a male name, because at first I thought she was a he). The day after that, I took her to the vet's to treat the injuries she got while living on the streets. I never did find her owner. So, since the beginning of this past October, I've been owned by that straggly little stray from our basement.
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While the hubby and I were dating I kept saying how I wanted cats when we were married. He grew up with cats so he was fine with that. The month defore we married we got an apartment that he would live in and I would after the wedding. The week before the wedding I got to the apartment and the door was locked and he wouldn't let me in until I guessed the suprise he had for me. In I went and there was Pepperpot and Sugarly. They were so tiny and so cute! It was love at 1st sight. Peeps was supposed to be his and Sug mine. Sug was a princess then and she still is now. Peeps will always be Queen though.
Excalibur cam just over a year latter. We were in our house by then and I was feeling very emotional because I had a miscarriage. Hubby took me to a pet store to "cheer me up" (he should know better). I saw this little fluff ball of white and orange and then he saw me. He demanded to be picked up (so I did) and then he lay back in my arms, streched his little paws back over his head and said "scritch me mommy". Well who was I to object - cupid had hit me with a machine gun! Let's just say after much discussion (arguing) with hubby Scally came home with us.
Merlin was a poor sick little baby when we got him - he was dying and needed more care then the lady at the rescue shelter could give him. I couldn't resist his sad, fevered little eyes. Now he is a pain in the butt - but a momma's boy!
Striker was an accident. My vet's office adopts out for the Humane Society. I had dropped by to mak an appointment for Merlin's checkup and there he was. He was the only kitten in the cage and the vet's assistant (who knows my weakness for littens) said " he has been here too long (3 months) - we have to send him back to the pound. Lets just say Gweeky came home with me instead.
I have promised the hubby no more kittens. We'll see.

Sorry for the book!
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My husband and I were living in an quad-plex in PA that did not allow furry pets. So we had numerous turtles instead. It was the night of the Leonid meteor shower and I was out on our balcony watching for meteors. While I was out there I kept hearing this teeny tiny meewing. I kept telling my husband about it, but he was busy, and being not much of a cat person, wasn't too eager to help find it. Plus we lived around a lot of barns, so he figured it was someones barn cat's kittens, and we did not want to go out and bring a feral cat into our tiny apartment. Not to be detered I bundled up and grabbed my flashlight. I was pretty chilly and I only made it about 1/4 of the way across the field that was in the center of a ring of quad-plexes. I couldn't hear the kitty any more and I was freezing as well (plus I was a bit freaked out being in a dark field alone). So I headed back up to the house. About 2 hours later we went back out on the balcony to look for meteors again (better sightings after 11pm) and I heard the mewing again. My husband heard it as well and after 10 minutes of begging we bundled up, grabbed the flash light and went off through the field again. This time we got almost entirely accross the field and there on the back porch of one of the quads was this tiny kitty hiding under a lawn chair. My husband goes "hey. cat." and the kitten STREAKS! like lightening across the field and BOUNDS into my husbands open jacket. Its all shivering and purring, soooo cute! We checked with the person who lived in that apartment, and they said she was a stray, they had put out food for her but they didn't want to keep her. We said we were going to take her back to our place. She purred the entire time! Luckily from keeping the turtles we had a litter pan and soft cat food, and litter from spreading on the parking area for ice. We were set. She was infested with fleas so I ran to Walmart for flea bath while my husband put the little girl in the bath tub to keep our house from becoming flea infested as well. She was sooo happy to be inside she was even purring in the water (which produced bubbles that she would swat at).
To top it off that night was our first real hard frost in PA, so no doubt if we hadn't found this little gal she'd be dead.
Now she is our fiesty Meteor, and believe me she streaks through the house just like one of those Leonid meteors (which we never did see anyway!).
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Hmm lets see, nothing really amazing but I'll tell it nonetheless.... hahaha
All of our kitties are rescues in one way or another, Bod my male black DSH (my special baby) was froma rescue centre, we adopted him and his brother - there Mother was feral and they were being hand reared....(his brother Tetley is now an )
Then we rescued Merlot and Shandy from a rescue centre also, - they were both semi feral, and had been abused/neglected, they took some work, but they are 100% happier now, Merle is more relaxed than Shandy, but she's a cute little bug
Then we adopted Monty - our male Cornish Rex, he was the last of a litter no-one wanted becasue he was black!?!?!? (apparently that breed are more wanted in siamese point and champagne?)
Then came Pip (the destroyer) who was one of a litter of kittens who had been taken to the Vet to be put down as the "owner" didn't want them....grrrrr...(the others all got homes too by the way)
Next was Ashley - an enormous male Maine Coon, what a whopper!! He is 8 years old and we adopted him from his owner as he was moving to another country.
The most recent addition to the family is Truffle, we adopted her from couple who had split up and they couldn't (?) take her with them.... she is a Persian cross- she has all the long fur, but unfortunately the owners have let it get seriously matted..... poor little thing, but we have her booked in to have that done so she'll be alot happier soon

(Also just want to mention my 3 angels here, Tetley , Ebony and Branysnap )
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let's see. time to tell four stories.
We moved into our house and I kept telling my S/O that I wanted animals cause I've grown up with them all my life and he kept saying"we'll see" cause he didnt' want any right away.
one day after I'd had a really bad week I came home and he was waiting for me in the kitchen with his hands behind his back telling me to guess which hand. so i did and out from behind his back comes the tinest grey tabby kitten you'd ever seen in your life! He was so precious and he fit into the palm of one hand. And so Twig came to live with us! He was born from a friends farm cats and now he weighs 15+ pounds! He is bigger then his dad and mom put together!
Rocket was an accident.(sort of) we had recently lost our other kitten zen(we got him from a"breeder" if you could call her that, her place was horrible! I just couldn't leave him there,I wanted to take all the animals away from that horrible place)from FIP and the vet told us to watch Twig (we had him tested numerous times and he always came back neg for FIP) so we were kind of looking but not really for another kind of cat to get to keep Twig company when we stopped at a cat show. We walked by all the cats and nothing was really making me happier until I walked by the abyssinian cage and this lady said do you want to hold a kitten? I did but she wasn't very friendly so I gave her back but then she put Rocket into my arms and he snuggled under my chin the way Zen used to....well the rest is history. Rocket is my lover and I am glad he is here! Twig loves him too and they sleep together almost every night!
Isis and Luna were feral cats that I saw one night looking for food.
I started to feed them since they were both very pregnant but they never came around until I went inside. I watched them from the porch to make sure they were eating. they each ate a bowl full every night. then one day, Isis didn't come. she didn't for about three days then there she was again, really skinny and looking very sick. So I kept feeding her hoping that she would at least bring me to her kittens soon since I could now sit with them and pet them as long as I didn't get up. But unfortunately, that wasn't the case. She lost her kittens and was spending all her time around here, not eating just sitting. I was worried about her and I took her inside, called the vet and other then seeming very depressed and having ear mites, she was healthy. so she came to live with us. She is still really nervous around people, but she is my little lover. Luna also had her kittens but I waited until they were old enough to be without their mother and brought her inside. She is now a wonderfully friendly cat who my S/O loves more then anything.(me too! she is my Luna bear!) So now we each have a boy and girl cat who love us! and we love them all together! they are our kids, are VERY spoiled and I wouldn't have it any other way!~
Whew! anyone got eyestrain yet!?LOL!
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Just wanted to say all of these stories are great!
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I know we've had threads on this subject before, but I never get tired of reading these stories. They always put a smile on my face.

We say that it must have been fate that our babies came into our lives. Hubby and I were laying in bed one night talking about how nice it would be to have a little furry around the house. But we were tight on cash and couldn't come up with the non-refundable $250 that they wanted for a cat deposit.

The very next night as I was getting ready for bed, I heard the distinct sound of a small kitten in obvious distress. I made hubby go outside to see if it was by the window. I had to do something for this baby! Nothing was outside. We finally figured out that the sound was coming from in the wall between our apartment and the one next to us. No thought to future payouts to the landlord, we knocked a hole in the wall. I barely slept that night, waiting for something to emerge. We talked about taking the kitten to a no-kill shelter or seeing if one of our friends would take it. I also said that if it was a black and white kitty we may have to reconsider. I'm a real softy for those. Well, quite a few hours later, a wake to little scratches at the hole (we had actually made it too high up), and see the most precious, tiny little black and white kitten tenatively poke her head through. She saw me, went "EEEK!!!" and went back into the wall. I finally coaxed her out with a plate of tuna, the closest thing to kitty food we had.

So we couldn't possibly let her go. She was so tiny and so scared. We think she was about 5 weeks old, maybe 6. We picked out the name Ophelia for her. Then hubby calls me at work almost in tears because he couldn't find her! He thought she had somehow gotten out. Being devastated, where else to go but the Mall? There happens to be a pet store in the Mall, and we decided to just go in and look. After all, we had spent quite a bit of money on kitten supplies... We go in there and there is a bunch of kittens, mostly torties, with one little black fluffball. The black one was romping and playing and so cute. Hubby asks to see him, and he layed in hubby's arms and purred like there was no tomorrow. We gave him back and walked around the mall to talk about it. When we came back, the black one looks up at us (it was really busy, but he looked right at us) like "Oh, hi. Are we going home now?" We looked at one other kitten, but the whole time the black one was playing like "Hey! Look at me! The cute one! I'M RIGHT HERE!!!" Needless to say, the little black one, now Trent, came home with us.

When we got him home, I shed a tear and told hubby that even though the new kitten was wonderful, I missed our baby kitty who came through the wall. We took Trent into the bedroom to show him the litter box and food. He meowed and our baby kitty comes running out of the sweater shelves. She hadn't left, just found a really good hiding place! So instead of saving up for a cat deposit, we ended up with the two loves of my life.

Sorry I'm so wordy...I just love telling that story.
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Okay, I'll tell how we were hoodwinked by our 6 kitties.
We have gotten 4 of the 6 on holidays and 1 during Christmas week.

Cerise: She was our first cat. I had never had cats always having been a dog person, but my then fiance now husband liked cats and very badly wanted an Abyssinian. So we checked and checked and finally had the pick of a litter. My husband was interested in a certain color, but Cerise (a red) picked us with her persistence and friendliness and we brought her home on Valentine's Day 5 years ago. She is the head-cat-in-charge-of-all despite Molly's ocassional protests to the contrary.

Aja: We decided after a few months that Cerise needed a friend and headed over to the Humane Society. Oddly enough I was off work for a holiday but can't remember which one. Aja (our name for her) was very vocal about coming home with us. I fell in love with her immediately. She was about 4 or 5 months old then and the cutest little thing. She is still adorable and a purr monster as well.

Elmer: On Veteran's Day we just decided on a whim that we would check out the Humane Society again. My husband knows I would not come home without another kitty. We found Elmer. (Snowy was his original name...*gack*) He seemed pretty dejected there and not with much hope of adoption at 4 years old and he was all 4 declawed! So we figured he would have some issues that might include biting and such and he might possibly have come from an abusive background. Being childfree, he would have a good home with us despite any quirks. He does try to nip on ocassion when fired up, but he is far from vicious really being a lover-boy at heart content to get pets. He is the quintessential lap-kitty.

Molly: On St. Patrick's Day we went to a no kill shelter that we had been sending donations. So, of course there were literally hundreds of cats and we schmoozed and petted them all, I think, but we decided on Molly McMuffin. (Appropriate for the holiday although we didn't know her name at the time.) She was very quiet while seeking attention. Almost like she had been overlooked too many times and it wasn't worth the disappointment. She was 7 or 8 when we got her in 2001 and had spent all but her first year at the shelter. She is also a very loving baby who craves attention that she never got enough of when she was at the shelter.

Cally: I found Cally in my backyard one night last June. We believe she was brought there by Frankie. (See next story.) We think Frankie is her father. She was just weened and crying in the flower garden that bordered our house. Frankie had to have shown her how to get into the backyard as it was fenced and he knew how to sneak in. Cally is a Calico of course. She, too, is a silly purr monster. She was invaluable in helping Frankie adapt to living with us.

Frankie: We fed Frankie for over a year in our backyard. He was very shy and skittery and we thought he was a true feral. We provided him a heated house and water bowl for the winters. When we knew we were going to have to move we tried to find someplace that would take him and let him live on their property. When we found a relocation place for him and proceeded to trap him during Christmas week this past year, we found he wasn't so feral after all! He got neutered and a clean bill of health. All this would not have possible without the efforts of The Independent Cat Society and the help of their president. I can't thank Sue enough for all she did assisting us with Frankie. Of course he now resides with us in our new location. There was no way I was going to abandon him. He is still working on socialization skills and he prefers my husband to me, but we are thrilled with his progress and love having him.

So, there you have it. The nutshell versions of "how our kids came to us." I firmly believe they pick us. And truth be told, I wouldn't have it any other way as all our kids fit together with us so well. They are truly a joy.

I love reading these stories, too. I always find it interesting to see how others were acquired by kitties!
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Everyone has such great stories. Hopefully someday, I will have a story or two about saving some kitties. I want more kitties, but hubby says no b/c our place isn't that big.
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I never was a cat person, or so I thought, until we found Fred. We were coming in from work and as we were getting out of the truck, I heard this tiny, pitiful meow coming from a tree across the street. There was the cutest little yellow tabby kitten about 12 feet up in the tree. We backed the truck up next to the tree and my SO coaxed him down with a piece of turkey. He made himself at home, but I promised to try to find out where he came from the next day. I had no luck with that. We went back home and he cried to be let out. I thought he was going home. 2 hours later we heard banging on the front and the back doors. There was Fred on the front, and another one on the back. He had gone to get his twin brother. We kept both of them. Brother went to live with the old lady next door after being with us for 7 years.
I found Leo in a parking lot and couldn't resist the tiny scrap of red fur.
Pearl was forcibly removed from an abusive home. My daughter babysat for this _itch and begged me to take this poor little thing. The girl didn't want to give her up, so my daughter knocked her on her butt and took the cat.
I saw Georgia thrown from a moving car. It was a choice of running this girl down or stopping for the kitten in a busy Wal-Mart driveway. I stopped for the kitten.
That's how I got my babies.
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thanks for all these posts. it's so relaxing to visit TCS especially when like me you dont have a cat or kitten-- yet. TCS is a great place to ask questions ...out of curiosity, how old is TCS?/when was TCS created?

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