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Squish squish squish

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I woke up this morning... stumbled out of bed... walked into the kitchen to grab some juice. Now, I have bathroom rugs scattered in my kitchen.

I took a step on the one in front of the fridge.



I looked down and picked my foot up. Set said foot down in another location on the same rug.


I looked at the bare floor... there's water pooled all over, in front of the fridge and the cabinet holding my ceramic water dispenser. The cabinet shows signs of water soaking in under the cheap laminate.

I JUST got a water delivery yesterday... I ordered one 3 gallon bottle and some single serve bottles... because of the book fair this weekend and because I'm moving... When i went to bed last night, the 3 gallon bottle on the dispenser was about half full... this morning it was empty.

My only guess is that someone decided to do a little 'mountain' climbing last night in the kitchen.

No wonder I woke up with no cats on my bed this morning. Someone was a guilty little furball.

For those of you out there with those water dispensers, here's a warning for you: keep it either isolated or locked in on three sides with taller stuff [which mine was until a week ago]. Else someone will get daring and decided it's something to climb.

Well, I was planning on doing laundry today, anyway... sheesh.

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I know you don't think its funny at this point but I can see a little kitty trying to climb up the water cooler stepping on the little lever and all the water pouring onto the floor!!
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I don't even think it was through the spout... I think they jumped on the top of it and it knocked over. It was still sitting on the dispenser, but completely empty. The water was at the top of the ceramic dispenser [it normally isn't], and there was water down the sides... which tells me someone tried to climb onto the top.

I do find it funny... I'm just surprised I didn't hear all the commotion. It's not like my apartment is that big. At least was only water and not someone peeing on the rug... which is why I made the second step on the same rug... to see how widespread the moisture was.

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Silly cats!! They always seem to find something to get into!!
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that's funny...
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There way to funny And they know we can't and won't spank them right? So we figure it's funny because how can you get mad when they do it because they are such Loves I can't even tell mine to stop it when they are doing something, doesn't matter to them anyway, they just look at you like "Who Me" I feel terrible when I am having a not so good day and they want to crawl all over me and I tell them to please get down, they go lay like in a cornor then I go pick them up and tell them I'm sorry, then they just take off, I know there thinking Oh yeah Mom you need to think about what you said Then I feel bad Next time you want to crawl in your lap they go the other way...Go Figure
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Maybe someone was trying to help you with the housework & decided to mop the floor while you slept?
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Ozarka fresh baby!!! Hehe.
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all's I can say is I'm glad it was only water
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Originally Posted by katiemae1277
all's I can say is I'm glad it was only water
Trust me... so am I... with a large bath rug soaked and dripping... and it ALL over half the kitchen floor...

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That must have been an unwelcome suprise on the feet! I can almost imagine the same scene in my house. The difference is, дебел would still be lying there soaked, having been too lazy to hide.
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Oh, such naughty babies! Don't you hate it when their little prank leads to hours of work for you?!?
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Originally Posted by Beckiboo
Oh, such naughty babies! Don't you hate it when their little prank leads to hours of work for you?!?
Yeah.... someone was busy last night... busy being bad. My guess is Jack... but thinking on how i woke up this morning ... sans either cat on the bed ... makes me think it could have been JoJo.

Heck, i had to do laundry anyway... was gonna anyway... I picked up t hat rug and there was a steady, albeit small, stream of water coming out of it. That thing was soaked. It is funny... really, I'm glad it wasn't yellow! I laughed pretty much once I realized it was only water.

I just thought I'd share my feline's antics with everyone.

The cooler bottle is off, and it's covered up. With a booby-trap. i have a cookie sheet sittingon top of the wrapped opening, with another container on top of the cookie sheet. If anyone tries to climb that, I'll hear it... if I'm home, that is.

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