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Countdown to Moving Day...

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Two weeks from today, the movers show up at 8 am. I've been packing... and packing... and... well, you get the idea. Last week I had one married couple of friends take me out to dinner about every other night... and me not getting home until about 1am each night. Ugh. But they are helping me upgrade my PC tower... which badly needs it. The parts are coming today and I'll probably head out there tomorrow.

For anyone who doesn't know... I'm hightailing it out of Chicago for Portland Oregon. Decided this somewhere around Christmas. Rents are too high and for this Northern CA girl, the trees just ain't big enough. I grew up going to places like Yosemite and the Sequoias [redwoods], so I refer to the trees around here as shrubs and saplings, much to the mild amusement of my local friends. I chose to stick around for the Book Fair here [this weekend... woohhoo] which is in my neighborhood. My neighborhood is small, so it's literally right outside my door. I am opening my apartment to friends for hanging out purposes at the book fair.

Anyway... I have alluded to, in other threads, about some hassles that have arisen. So, here's my mini-rant :

Round One: I chose an apartment via the internet on the SW side of Portland. I flew out there a couple weeks ago to sign the lease early and check everything out. The unit was infested with fleas and there was mold in places there shouldn't be mold. Now, okay, you can bug-bomb the fleas and then bleach the mold, correct? Nope. At least on the second one. If it's surface mold, yes, you can. But some of this mold was from a pipe leak INSIDE the wall... all they did was bleach it. Bad. Very bad. They allowed me to cancel the lease and i spent the one full day I had there to put my stuff I'd hauled on the plane into storage [and the stuff I'd bought at Costco while waiting for the Cleaning Lady to wake up from her &$#$# nap in my unit], and look at other apartments.

Round Two: Got home, chose a place I liked and applied. I got denied... no specific reason given, other than credit issues. Well, THAT'S specific. So, how on earth did I get approved for the first place? Fine... I cut my losses and moved on...

Round Three: The same day I got denied there, I chose a place that's income restricted. God knows I don't make THAT much money, but my rent is always paid on time, etc... I applied. They warned me their process takes longer... last Friday at 6 pm CST, I got a call... was denied due to 259 bucks i supposedly owe an old apartment complex back in Syracuse. WTFreak??? When it comes to places I've lived, I'm really picky about having debts... So I had to wait until yesterday [due to a holiday weekend] to call the folks back east. The lady at the place back east is currently [at least she'd better be] digging through old tenant files to find mine. This is from over 4 years ago. I was never contacted about this from them or from the collection agency it was sent to.

I have been told, however, that once i get this mess taken care of, there's a REALLY good chance the denial will be overturned. Hopefully by the end of this week, it'll all be taken care of. I'll give the lady in NY [Syracuse] until Noon thursday. She said she needed a couple of days. She'll have exactly 48 hours. Then I'm going to ask all these folks back east to fax me the itemization and the proof it's been taken care of. If they balk at that, then they're paying to overnight it. I'm not going to sit on my a** waiting for paperwork from a bunch of bureaucrats.

Anyway... with that rant over... now you see why I've been somewhat quiet here. I've been dealing with real-life stuff... See, I don't like burdening others with my problems... that's a long story in and of itself.

The cats have gone round one with harnesses and Jacks' has lost. JoJo's is still hanging on... I've been lurking over in Care & Grooming. Hence, I've decided to get Lupine harnesses... maybe Jack won't shred those.

I'll post elsewhere about something SOMEone small and furry did last night... Look for "Squish" shortly.

Thank you for listening...

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Good luck getting the denial overturned!! Moving is a lot of work and if I never have to do it agian I will be satisfied!! We used to move every three years with my dad being in the army. I lost some very prized possesions in those moves. And the movers broke a lot of things so just make sure you pad everything as good as you can!!
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I've been packing for about a month now... a box or two every couple of days... I'm now down to the last few things... like dishes and electronics. Dishes will go this week, mostly. late next week, or just a couple days before the movers come, I'll take down all the electronics. God only knows what i'll do with myself while I have no cable or internet... eek!

Of course, I can take the time to work on my writing... I've been ignoring it while doing all this moving stuff.

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