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Whats to eat today?!

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I have no idea as to what I should make for supper. I want mexican but I don't make it as good as the restaurants. Soo I don't want to make it at home.

So far I have eaten a fruit and yogurt parfait and for lunch I will have a turkey sandwhich from subway. Yum!!

What is everyone else having?
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Well, for me it's 9am so I am still having my coffee...For lunch I have a nasty frozen meal..and dinner I'm not sure because i don't want to use the oven because its too hot..mexican sounds good though, maybe I'll have tacos tonight...Mmmmmmmmmmmm.
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I'm so hungry right now!!!! I usually have a pop tart for breakfast, but I ran out and haven't gotten to the store... I'm going thru pop-tart withdrawals!!!! lunch I'm not sure, maybe McD's cause its cheap, dinner will be soup and grilled cheese
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So far, nothing!

I'm really hungry for Pizza.... or Mexican now that you mention it Brandi!

I think I might stop at Little Caesar's for supper and pick up a $5 Hot and Ready pizza- yummy and CHEAP!
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Ooh Kenz that sounds so good and fattening!!
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Originally Posted by Phenomsmom
Ooh Kenz that sounds so good and fattening!!
Oh I know, I could eat the whole thing myself
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I had a few bites of a bananna muffin for breakfast...I hate being sick
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Aww Tracy I am sorry you are still ill!! I wish you could eat like normal!! I hate not being able to eat what everyone else is eating.
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I didnt have breakfast, i had brunch which was a cheese roll, and a small bag of crisps with a coffee, then i didnt have lunch, just had it about an hour ago which was a toasted cheese sandwich with cheese.
I just baked a cake! so thats mostlikely my dinner
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YAY you said crisps, I have been trying to instill the virtue of calling 'chips' crisps here so it makes more sense, I never know if he is talking fries or crisps!

I had a bagel with cream cheese for breakfast and am just thinking about lunch, dinner is too far off to think about but it is maragarita night at my favourite restaurant so probably there
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I am having an egg-and-waffle sandwich right now.
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I ended up having Taco Bell for lunch! YUM!!
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MMMM BABY HARLEY I LOVE TACO BELL!!! But I had a hummus wrap with provolone and tomatoes!!! It was quite delish!
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We just got back from the chinese restaurant

Chow mein special and bananna fritters have just been devoured I am sitting here now feeling very full
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I emptied out the last of a bag of slightly stale tortilla chips, sliced up cheese on it & melted it in the microwave. Then I had the leftover bologna from I'm not sure when. I have got to get groceries soon!
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I haven't had much of anything to eat this morning, but was just wondering what I should fix for supper!!
After picking through the cabinets I think it will be a big ol pot of homemade chicken and dumplins!!!
I absolutely love dumplins! LOL
Now I'm hungry....
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We are having spaghetti
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Pizza from last night, warmed!
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