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I was reading today about about website called http://www.thehungersite.com where you can go everyday to click an ad banner. When you click the banner, the sponsor pays three cents which is used to combat hunger throughout the world.

I was thinking we could do something similar at this site, but use the proceeds to fund kitty rescues and run the website. What do you think?

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Good idea! Anne, what do you think? It's your site!
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Actually, I think thats a great idea as well. Perhaps we could due a banner click that would support our own Emergency fund. Just a thought.
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I have heard about the hunger site and I think it's a good idea.

I plan to donate a portion of this site's profits to cat rescue and spay & neuter operations. As of yet, there are only losses (financial that is - emotionally and mentally there are only gains ).

Hopefully, as this site grows and becomes profitable, your clicks on the banners and your shopping on the site will eventually help cats! No point in clicking on banners like crazy right now - most of them pay me per sales and not per clicks... But if you do see something that catches your eye - by all means click. These are the site's sponsors.
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