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Wonton the Wonder-Tabby

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just a few pics of my baby:

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What a gorgeous little face Wonton has
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thank you! i thought so too when i first found him on the street-he came up to me all rubbing against me, and i looked down and was like wow..what a gorgeous little kitty you are-why are you out on the street? fell in love with him instantly.

just a few more

his usual spot while i'm on the computer, if he's not on my lap:

a present!

one day he just decided, of his own volition, to get in the bathroom trashcan and just...sit there. and when i saw, and went and got my camera and started snapping pics, he just looked at me like "what-it's perfectly natural for a cat to sit in a trash can."

with his cheshire cat toy..he's obsessed with it

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He is very cute! I love the present pic and the trash can pic!!
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LMAO, I love the last pic on your first set of pics...he almost looks gassy, lol. What a handsome boy though!!
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Oh gee he's such a pretty boy, great pics BTY
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Wow, he's gorgeous!
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I've just seen the other pictures Awwww look at him with his cheshire cat
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thanks guys..Wonton says thank you too

playing-the original idea was to measure how long his tail was, but he had other plans for the tape measure:

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Wonton why you sexy furball.. I think the last picture needs to be posted in the xrated thread also
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I really love the pics. Especially the trash can one. He seems to radiate a really great personality through his pictures! Sooo cute! I really like the pic. with the measuring tape too.
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Wonton is alot like my kitties when it comes to my computer...but it's a bit more aggravating since my computer is a laptop...and if one decides to come visit with me the other does as well. And then I can't see my computer screen.
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Originally Posted by arcadian girl
Oh my, I just LOVE this picture! Wonton is adorable and bless you for rescuing this sweet boy. Welcome to TCS Wonton!
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