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Type? Typful?

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This is probably a really stupid question but what exactly are breeders refering to when they say a cat is typful or has good type?
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I use "typey" rather then typful. A cat that has type or is typey is one that fits the written breed standard very well. Its more of a showable cat, usually one that is grand potential compared to a "pet" quality.
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Type describes the build of the cat's body and the shape of the face. The breed standard describes how they would like to see the build of the cat's body. A cat who closely follows the breed standard that way has a good type. So the ideas of good type differ from breed to breed and can be developed over time.

To give you an idea, in modern Persians a flat face is considered good type, more of a face/nose isn't favored as much. Oriental cats are built sleek and elegant, whereas British shorthairs are cobby. Type is what sets breeds with the same colorations/patterns apart. To me, the most distinct difference between a blue British shorthair and a Russian blue is their build.
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British/RB's - besides the body type, the coat is completly different - a British has a solid blue. A Russian Blue has silver tipping And another thing is Brits will have gold eye color; RB's always have dark green eye color - very unique.
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Thanks All!
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