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My little girl is sick again!

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Hi everyone. Was hopeing to get some outside insight on this. Maia is 9 weeks old and experienced her first throw up 2 days ago, as well a bit of diareah with it. I examined thoroughly and saw possible some paper like substance. Realized she likes to eat tags off of cords, the warning do not tags.......... So I went through everything and removed all sign of and anything like that. As well I have been a freak since she came into my life and vacuum everyday, mop, wipe floors down, I am a clean nut! This morning she is sick again, mostly liqiud, a little food, and the same diareah previous and along with. Really trying to figure this out! Vets gave her a clean bill day after last incident.................
Any ideas to help me with my amazing daughter?

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Hi, first remember that cats throw up at the drop of a hat for all kinds of good and unfathomable reasons. Second, what did she eat (for a meal) previous to the throw up? Often they will be 'allergic' (mostly intolerant or unacclimatized) to a particular type of food, even just one type of a brand - one of mine reacts to the 'gravy' type of F. Feast, but not the pates), but if it's something she's had before, then it's less likely (tho' not impossible) to be the cause. Also milk can do it for some kitties, but then so can eating ??? (even a fly she caught). If it happens again today, definitely call the vet because you can't fool around with babies, but if not don't panic and just keep an eye out for new events... one-times aren't a big deal, 2+ times can be, and try to keep track (good luck!) of what's she's ingesting.
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I'll move your little girl over to the Health forum but i hope she gets better soon
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This is the thing, she saw the vet day after last time. I have been feeding her same kitten meal all along............ I did get a new carpet about 2 weeks ago but this has happened twice now, about 3 days apart.............
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I'm just thinking?. She couldn't be licking the floor cleaner from the floor could she?.
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Believe me, I though of this before anything happened! After I use any cleaner I make sure I clean any residue of that up as well! I really am a nut when it comes to these things! Total animal lover all my life, so by now I have made my self semi neurotic when it comes to any do's and don'ts!
This is why I thought an outside opinion mayh see something I don't.....
Even drive friends and my boyfriend crazy!!
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Hmmm theres obviously something not right?. I wonder if she has a sensitive tummy?.

I know the vet has given her a clean bill of health but i would be taking her back to have them look at her again.
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Just thought of something, I dyed my hair day before first time she was sick and she likes to snuggle up in my neck and face and hair.......I am going to scrub my head down right now in shower!!!!!! I just can't stand seeing this adorable little face sick!

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It's a possibility?!.

Awwww look at that sweet face
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thankyou for your check-ins, she is acting fine right now, even hungry which is better then the other day, but we will see......
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