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New to the site. Blind kitten?? Help!

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I need help and or advise.
I have 3week old kitten give or take a few days, who was abandon in a repair shop. The kittens eyes were oozing green very bad, we took it to the vet and got treatment. Now her eyes are still oozing but are opening but seem to be recessed/underdeveloped/not there??? It appears that the skin is still covering them they appear meaty. Has anyone out there experienced this before. I can't really afford the vet bills i may encure with this little one, any advise or experience shared would be greatly appreciated. Other wise kitten is very stong and full of life.

What do blind kittens like to do?? What can I do to help her along.

As you can tell i need alot of help. thanks to anyone listening.
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This is Tag, he and his sister Marbles was born blind. The eye sockets were just not there at all. The vet surmised that mom had distemper while the kitties were in the womb.
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Blind kitties are phenomenal. What they cannot do because they cannot see, they make up for ten-fold with their other senses. We blocked off our living room and let that be the place where Marbles and Tag would grow up. Tag quickly learned where the litter box was and except for the first time, he never had another accident outside the box. Unfortunately his sister Marbles was also brain damaged and she did not live very long. She had no balance and would fall over and run into things. We did the kindest thing we could and let her pass over to the Bridge.

Tag was a trip. He would catch flies before any of the other cats even had a chance. When we walked across the room, he would run over to us, tag our pant's leg and hang on with his claws, sitting on our feet and go for a ride. Sadly, he found his way outside when he was still young, and before we realized he was missing, he had also passed on.

I know you said you are not endowed with a lot of money, but from what you are describing, it sounds to me like kitty is going to need ointments for her eyes. Other than that, treat him with love and kindness and prepare to be blessed by her. What did the vet say about her eyes when he saw her?
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I didn't have a blind kitten but I did have a cat who went completely blind toward the end of her life due to glaucoma. Going blind didn't really effect the cat's behavior that much, and she was still able to cope with her environment by using her other senses. The only times her loss of sight was a problem was when she got too excited because then she would start running into walls and other objects. A blind kitten can make a good pet, but I do understand your concern about veterinary expenses.
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I have a kitten who I kind of think might be somewhat blind. Her eyes look normal. They don't open as wide as the other kittens and the outside looks blue and the inside is more of a lighter blue. Almost glowing. She is incredibly smart but she seems to do things that you would think a blind cat would do. Looks for the leg of the table before climbing up, runs into doors and walls head first as if to run through them, and she stands up and tries to attack things that aren't there or further away from her. Here is a picture of her. It's not very good for the eyes, but the best I have. Any thoughts are appreciated.

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Has she been vet-checked? They can do a quick exam on her to determine what is going on. She is very pretty BTW
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Thank you. No, I haven't taken her to the vet yet. I only really want to take her if I have to. She hasn't had any problems yet and seems very very happy.
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