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Mosquito repellant

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This is probably a stupid question, but I would like to know if mosquito repellant is harmful for the kittens. I have been keeping the little ones in a repellant free room since birth but we have a gazillion mosquito`s in our house as we live right next to a lake, and there are a hundred of them around the kittens at night, I feel so bad for them. Would it be okay to plug in a mosquito repellant in the same room?

Thank you


PS: I placed some piccies in the FUR PICTURES forum if anyone is interested in having a look. I do not know how to move them in here. Can anyone tell me if the mum is a true doll face persian?
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that is one beautiful cat. I have a part persian. she is black. My mom told me I could use skin so soft from avon on babies for fleas and ticks and I do use it on my horses for flies and mosquitos. I also use it on my dogs. and it won't hurt them like a repellant would with the stuff that in most repellants. Don't know how much help that was but thought I would mention it.
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i'm no expert but i woulden't use any chemicals that you think may be harmful around them, just to be on the safe side.
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I made some homemade repellent yesterday since they haven't come out in force yet. That way my boy will get used o the light spritzing without planning my eventual death.

Here's the recipe:

Slice 2 lemons, add 1 Cup of hot water and a couple sprigs of Rosemary, soak over night.

Pour it into a spritz bottle and spray onto your pet's coat. Just remember to avoid their eyes.
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Is there any way you can put a mosquito net around them or over hte window?
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